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  1. Just started playing the mod, and today i noticed when i ate cooked pasta (says 20 food no water), it gave me the 20 food, but also gave me 10 water. I had to double check and eat another to make sure i wasn't seeing something. I looked at the stats to verify it did not have water on it like the cooked chili i also had next to it. Is this a bug or was it supposed to also have 10 water when consuming it ?
  2. That was the problem. Once i set the map type to flat it started generating for me as well. Thank you.
  3. I am also trying to figure this out. I pulled the info from the xml file off the prefab editor after copying it to my prefab folder. And in my nitrogen folder i edited the prefablist.txt file with the following line under custom pois: Mall_DOD,COMMERCIAL;RESIDENTIALNEW;RESIDENTIALOLD;RESIDENTIAL,1,-1,137,66,118,industrial;downtown. I have created about 6 maps now at 8k size and used the world editor to move around. I have yet to see one get generated. I have seen multiple Izea's and spiral library's which i modeled the settings after.
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