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  1. Just in case someone has the same issue and stumbles upon this topic: After I deactivated EAC explicitely in the game launcher, the problem was gone and all animal icons appear as they should.
  2. Ok, called this "sovled" too early! :-/ I had the direction indicator for exactly this single time and could hunt the rabbit down. One minute later I had the green footprints again, but again no yellow icon on compass or map to show me where the animal is. And rebooting Windows didn't help this time! Steam also didn't find any corrupt file. That means, the method described above did not really fix the issue - it was just a coincidence.
  3. Hi there, I had the very same issue (green footprint icon was displayed, but no yellow animal indicators on companss and map) and I finally managed to fix it myself. Since I was preparing to send in a formal bug report, I am including the already gathered details at the end. Luckily, I just encountered the problem in-game (spotted a rabbit, crouched, but no animal marker showed up), so I left the game and had a reproducible situation to test with. What I actually did until the problem was solved, was: Validated game files via Steam (recovered one corrupt file - but the problem still occurred, when I continued the saved game) Rebooted Windows via Start->Restart (not just shutdown and switch on again, since this is not really restarting Windows) After that reboot, I immediately continued the game and the yellow icons were there again! So hopefully this helps any others to get back their icons. Here is the bug information - might also help someone: Summary: animal tracking doesn't show icons anymore Game Version: A18.4 b4 Platform: PC OS/Version: Windows 10 Pro V1909 CPU Model: Intel i7 3770K System Memory: 16 GB GPU Model and VRAM: AMD RX570 8 GB Screen Resolution: 2560x1440 Video Settings: Medium - no custom settings Game mode: SP Did you wipe old saves? No Did you start a new game? No - this occurred in the course of my very first game Did you validate your files? No Are you using any mods? No EAC on or off? according to log: GamePref.EACEnabled = False (but I never switched it off) Status: NEW Bug Description: I'm on AnimalTracker Skill Lvl 2 and at first the tracking skill worked as intended, but now it is broken in the following way: When I crouch and animals are nearby, the green track symbol appears in the lower left with the "20 sec" label. However, neither on the compass nor on the map any icons for the animal are displayed. This problem is permanent, i.e. it happens even after reboot or restart of the game. Detailed steps to reproduce the bug: 1) Go near animal 2) Crouch & wait until green footprint-icon appears 3) Look around and check compass - it doesn't show a symbol 4) Open the map - it also doesn't show an animal symbol Actual result: No animal icons shown Expected result: The compass and the map should show the direction/position of the animal with a yellow animal icon
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