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  1. In my adventure to obtain titanium I have hit a road block. I have the anti Rad pills do need a hazmat suit as well? And its only found in that evil land called the wasteland correct?
  2. Did have one last question for now lol. The cars that aren't vanilla I.e. the police car, taxi, and others. Is there a way to repair those to a drivable state?
  3. Thanks guy!!!! I didn't see the big forge. Probably overlooked it a hundred tines. Was driving my wife and I crazy
  4. Really enjoying the mod. Having a ton of fun with it. Have a few questions. When working towards the advanced forge it requires steel but you can't make in the regular forge. Is it just a trader scavenge thing?
  5. My issue has been resolved
  6. Having an issue . My wife and i are trying to connect and she keeps getting an error message crawlerstepcloth having the same name as something else any ideas?
  7. By chance is anyone having an issue where all the recipes are gone? The items are still in game but I have literally zero HD recipes. Played a bit earlier worked fine then updated before returning to the game. Once back in wasn't able to scrap cans and tools went to build a HD forge and it wasn't in there
  8. If someone wanted to additional prefabs outside of compo would just placing them in the prehab folder and creating a new map in nitro allow the outside perhaps to spawn?
  9. Im sure this has been asked but there is over a hundred pages of comments if I add outside pois to my prefab list and still Gen a map with the compo pack will the outside pois be generated?
  10. ok i cant explain this at all. we removed the mod due the geist issue yesterday or the day before, Her and I both restored it from the recycling bin as it is the lastest version anyways. this is what i cant explain we did nothing to any of files no editing no nothing the only thing that we did was add a new mod the creature pack and it is working fine. tested solo both her and i and tested together as we normally plat and it ran fine so i have no idea what was going on llets just say it was a glitch in the matrix
  11. I've heard running it solo no issues. Will continue researching more later once the wife is available
  12. I'm still getting errors with geist. I believe it says "can't play audio or disabled " in the console. Sorry its usually crazy on blood moon so its hard to see what it says exactly
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