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  1. i'm playing 3.1. level is 122. i just made three generic skill books and read them but my level is still 122. is there a cap on how much you can level using the books? and browsing creative ( no i didn't cheat) i see faction books, i assume you get them after completing (X) # of quests for one of the traders? asking here because searches haven't answered my questions. still on 3.1 because i really don't want to start all over again, thanks.
  2. well that worked out for the best as i made it at the workstation. i want the turbo anyway. hopefully it's the right one seeing i made the chassis and handlebars at the regular workstation. if not i'll build another one. i have plenty of goodies. thank you Sir!
  3. i just ran into a crafting problem w/ the motorcycle. spent ten points on master mechanic so i could build the motorcycle. crafted the chassis and handlebars. got a engine, two wheels and battery. i have the chassis and handlebars in my inventory but the crafting window for the motorcycle doesn't show them, shows the wheels engine and battery only. had a similar problem with quest crafting in WotW where if i closed the crafting window and came back the item would craft but not show as crafted in the quest. tried that method here, kept the window open and crafted another set of handlebars and again they don't show up in the motorcycle crafting menu. tried exiting and continuing but that didn't work either. i iz open to suggestions. have the minibike but i want more loot capacity. ok, i'm an idiot. tried the metal workstation and it says crafted at the mechanics workstation. ah so. will make that and see if works.
  4. i did yesterday when i went to forge some iron. finally saw it was referencing my inventory for available input items and then got it working. had me wondering, thought it had slots but????? lol.
  5. I was wondering about that also. Never heard that about the percentage #, was in the irradiated area showing no percentage, removed my jacket and immediately started taking damage and died so that makes sense. if so then modding the armor w/o losing protection might be possible after all, thanks for the info.
  6. i just hit the labs yesterday. NP on the 1st one, on the second lab things were fine, cleared it and then when moving the loot started getting fire balled in the corridors. when at surface level my 4X4 and bike were on fire and the zombies had blasted out a giant hole that you could look down in and see the roof of the lab. all the time whatever was causing the explosions had me targeted until i left the area. neither teleport was actively spawning zombies.
  7. mining plutonium i stick with the pick axe as every time i use the auger i get about a minute in before a screamer shows up. M60 seems to have the same effect even w/ a silencer. irradiated area seems to have calmed down. found Eve and the bunker quest. she gave me 2 reward quests to the same bunker. exploring the irradiated area found the labs and Caitlan, she seemed less well stocked than 18 unless that was a random thing. finding a lot of plutonium boulders, and so far a little titanium in my first plutonium mine. Haven't found a titanium boulder yet. journal says that is the primary ore in the irradiated area but for whatever reason that isn't the case w/ me so far.
  8. demons are lighting me up (fireballs) when i travel in the irradiated ares in my stock hazmat suit, so i made all the "radiation ready" mods and installed them in my, as of now, steel armor, and will go back and see how it does. questions are; 1. seems drinking doesn't stop the fire (as in vanilla ) didn't expect it to as it didn't in DF18 either. is there any thing that does?. 2. is there some way other than taking it off and putting it back on to repair the hazmat gear and radiation ready mods? i notice they degrade after combat. i get hit a lot. 3. i started DF w/ the default map which was navezgane, will i still see the bunkers, labs, and Eve? my other 2 DF play throughs have been on a different map. only bug i've had so far is the chest i placed inside the POI area of the skyscraper quest ( after activating the quest ) and stashed stuff in as i was clearing the building, disappeared. i've experienced them disappearing if they are on the POI area before activating the quest as the quest resets, but never afterwards until this. i assume it's a TFP thing. being careful now to keep all my good stuff as possible on me or in my vehicle. i apologize in advance if these topics have already been addressed somewhere.
  9. just wanted to say the new watch is wonderful, nicely done and so much easier to use. nice job.
  10. AHA! a new addition to my list of acronyms, thanks again. having a lot of fun BTW.
  11. ok, I'm probably flaunting my ignorance here but in the unlocks (forge ahead 2) it says player level GTE 25, i've seen GTE in other unlocks and have no idea what it's referring to. i read all the journal entries and did not see it mentioned.
  12. actually it fixed itself. i went outside to kill some bad guys came back in and it's worked since. still have two captains but will see if they are still there when i restart. otherwise smooth as silk. i like the new intro screen too. nice artwork.
  13. doing the trader quests, got to hugh in the cold region, no dialogue window with him, there are two captains that do have dialogue windows and with their normal inventories instead of the usual one. not a big deal to me, just thought i would mention it
  14. aha! that was probably in something i read or was supposed to, thanks, ok back to the buried supplies.....................
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