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  1. Do you have an idea as to why our biome changed? All houses and other POIs are still the same as before. Visually, it shows that we are in a snow biome, but the audio is from the burnt biome (which is how it used to be).
  2. So we pre-synced our mods prior to getting back on and the biome that our base was in changed from the forest/burnt biome to the snow biome. Was there some sort of update to the map/biome systems? TIA
  3. Yeah, he actually died in an open field and his backpack was nowhere to be found even when he was exactly where the marker had said. Tried digging to bedrock, but still nothing so we're currently at a loss of ideas.
  4. Sounds good! Thank you so much! I'll let you know if we find it or not haha
  5. Thank you so much! We've been searching for days IRL LOL Is it IN the city or a little bit away from it? Sorry, I know this is kind of cheating lol but we're so exhausted from searching in the giant map haha
  6. Hi there! New to the forum here! I was just wondering, were you able to find the bunker in a corner of the map? If so, which corner?
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