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  1. Update- I switched to GLCore from DirectX and it eliminated the problem. Apparently there are some compatibility issues between the graphics card I have (5700 xt) and some versions of DirectX.
  2. Thanks so much for the advice and your time. Unfortunately this is the only graphics card I have access to. I will try all your suggestions and continue to troubleshoot with the AMD software.
  3. Here is a screenshot from my game during the day on default gamma. I have never had this problem with any other game. Turning down the brightness on my monitor doesn't help because literally everything is still white. I'm assuming this is a bug with the lighting engine used by the game, and it's weird because the brightness seems to be inconsistent from day to day in game. Again turning the gamma down helps some to make it more playable but the lighting is still weird, and the dark scenes are then barely visible, so I end up constantly going into settings to change the gamma every time I enter or leave a building or it becomes day or night. I do appreciate the suggestions, and hope that this is fixed in later versions.
  4. I wasn't running the latest drivers at the time of my post, but I updated to the latest version and still have the issue.
  5. My game is way too bright on default (38%) or even 0% gamma. On 0% it is slightly more tolerable in outdoor scenes, but then I can hardly see anything in indoor scenes during the day, let alone at night. I am playing on Windows on max settings. I've tried tweaking the settings by turning off bloom etc. but this doesn't really help. Has anyone else had this issue? I'm assuming it's a bug because it is pretty unbearable. I'm playing SP, no mods, A18.4. I can recreate the issue and I have validated my files. output_log__2020-03-24__11-55-37.txt
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