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  1. Had an interesting scenario pop up yesterday. Broke into the back door of a POI. 4 zombies woke up. I slowly started backing up, and a zombie (construction worker) jumped over me and landed in front of the door, preventing me from escaping. 2 more zombies jumped as I swung my club at them. This was in broad daylight on day 3. ;)
  2. It would be nice if item descriptions all mentioned the amount and type of material an item scraps to.
  3. I loaded up a save from the previous build and there was a bear right outside my base! Scared me to death. I imagine that a proper animal spawn would involve animals spawning aware from cities/towns and away from noise (like your base, though if you have that campfire going, I could definitely see a bear coming, but TBH a proper ecosystem would require an overhaul IMO). The main animals I ran across in the previous build were vultures, pigs, deer, wolves, dogs, and a few mountain lions (specific to navezgane). I actually did not cross paths with a bear at all.
  4. In an SP game I've played as well as a local MP game (non-dedicated, not setting up a dedi for exp) I've encountered quite a few animals. The MP game was in Navezgane and the SP game was on Random gen. In both games animals were present, but not common. It's enough that I can keep a small amount of meat stocked...between animals and looting anyways.
  5. How often did you leave your comfort zone? It might be a spawn issue as well. I frequently travel to new areas since my respawn rate is set to 30 days.
  6. The game will never be perfect for most people. I've over 2,500 hours in at this point (at least), I've gotten my money's worth, and I still play. A thought I had the other day was that Zombies could use the dye system for their clothing. That would add some variation to the clothes. I'm sure TFP is already on that. The rest of the stuff you mentioned seems like bug fix material except perhaps vehicle mods, which would be a good target for A20. EDIT: One thing I'd love for TFP to do is get one of the first Alphas working again so that we can see how far thi
  7. Not every game needs to be 100% moddable from start to finish. A lot of games aren't. Personally, I'd rather see a sequel that is built with mods and multiplayer in mind.
  8. When Madmole said they were gearing up for gold, I doubted. After playing Alpha 19 for some time, I've become a believer. This game feels something like 90% done. Outside of bug fixes, the only areas I see that need improvement are Random Gen, the music system, and (maybe) storyline related lore.. It's both scary and sad that one day we won't have another Alpha to look forward to. I've been with this game since it came out of Kickstarter (I don't back things on Kickstarter). I've watched it evolve from a quirky fun early access game I'm sure some other people have other metrics th
  9. Dynamic music is much improved. Solid for an 'experimental' build.
  10. I was looking at my hours played today and just realized I had 2,462 hours...maybe I should retire...j/k!
  11. Well, it seems that 7DTD is catching up...Maybe we'll see Alpha 20 in...2020? I'll go back into hiding now, everyone in the U.S.: Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
  12. I noticed the differences right away. Yes, granted, in his case he got an apparent 70 fps increase, but YMMV. To scrap the system because it's too 'resource intensive' is foolish. On many machines, the game runs just fine. Having a setting to disable this for potato PCs is about all that is needed.
  13. The dangers of using such a weapon indoors. Although with the double barrel shotgun I rarely have this issue. However I'm quite a bit more picky about where I'm aiming when I shoot. I've even gone so far as to lure zombies outside before taking them out. Especially if there are a lot of them.
  14. Even at 300% XP gain, leveling is far too slow currently. I've dumped a lot of hours into Alpha 18 (though admittedly with multiple games) and I've never surpassed level 100, and I don't even believe I've gotten to level 80, though I'd have to look. The current alpha (later on) is a sludge-fest and feels very grindy. This also drastically hurts new players and the early game, because if you don't know where exactly to put your points early game, you are going to pay for it later when you realized you messed up. You may even have to start over. A game that is designed liked this needs to
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