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  1. "Locking Up" meaning the game freezes. Have to ctrl+alt_del and kill the process in task mgr. I can guess by what Sylen is saying is that I should just uninstall 7d2d and never play it again. Quite honestly, having to purchase a new $1500 gaming laptop every couple yrs to retain the ability to play a game is dumb. I do thank you for the help though. It does answer the question.
  2. Game keeps locking up during Bloodmoon Hordes. Works fine during normal day/night cycles. Verified files through Steam. Uninstalled/reinstalled game. Checked out everything on PC side such as video drivers, BIOS updates, etc. Ran chkdsk on all drives for shnizzles. This is a game created on the current build release. Suggestions or ideas appreciated. output_log__2020-03-22__13-46-59.txt
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