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  1. Is there a way i can filter out certain zombies (namely irradiated zombies) from my game? I play with my wife and kids and they hate how we have to shoot a zombie 10 times in the head for them to die. Thanks in advance.
  2. So I just made a game where I gave myself the animal tracking skill under perception and put 3 points into it while flying around and testing. There are animals out there, but most are rabbits/chickens, and even when flying around and spotting/tracking animals, I realize there are just way less than there use to be over the years I have played. The animal tracking perk will help, but I still think the lack of animals is ridiculous.
  3. I have 600+ hours on this game and not being able to find an animal for two straight days has never happened to me before. (Even one day I always find at least one animal). I am playing with two other people and usually I always keep us filled with food whether it be from questing, buried treasure, buying food from machines, or just hunting and farming. This time around I decided to go for the farming first. Around day 9-10 I have a few plant crops and have a decent amount of eggs. I went looking for animals to hunt. I walked over 20 km, and over 2 days (2 hours) I did not come across a single animal. I think this is ridiculous. I have never had this much of a problem finding animals. I can usually find 2-4 a day. I put points into farming and huntsman/master chef. If I have to put some in animal tracking I'll go that route, but again this has never happened to me before where I couldn't find animals. Can someone please tell me if this is normal when you have a couple more people on the server. Like maybe the animals are spawning near them and not me? They were mainly building our base for defenses and looting a couple houses so they weren't looking for food. I have played this game a ton, and have never had this problem, can anyone tell me if it's normal towalk this far through multiple different biomes and not find any bores/rabbits/snakes/wolves/deers/stags. (sorry don't mean to rant just extremely frustrated I sprinted for two days looking for animals and found zero.)
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