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  1. I dont know if its nitrogen that is doing this or something else but some distant POI's look like spikes of blocks going way in the air, then as you get closer it turns into a sky scraper ? I dont remember this happening in before. Im using the "Default" prefabs. Thoughts? Thanks
  2. Aye, Thats what it was. Apparently SSD's have spoiled me to the point where if it takes more then 15-20 seconds to load i start clicking... if i would have just left the mouse alone it would have loaded up, but it does take awhile! Thanks for your help.
  3. Trying ravenhearst stream version. I have it on a Samsung evo 850 ssd.
  4. It freezes after the fun pimps splash screen when it hits "loading" it freezes. I'm just using Windows defender. Thanks.
  5. Could someone be so kind to help me? Basically whenever i use the mod launcher it completely breaks my game. I have to uninstall 7D2D and reinstall it.. it will work launching normal, but then as soon as i try to use the mod launcher it freezes @ loading and i have to ctrl alt del out and if i try to launch just through steam again same thing happens.. just freezes and then i have to reinstall the whole game. I have EAC disabled, i tried all 3 different versions of the mod launcher also. Thanks.
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