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  1. First of all im a long time player of 7 Days to Die with over 1000 hours so i know that there is still plenty to sort of DO after day 100 ish but will there ever be a proper end game? Maybe zombie bosses that come with every 7th wave after day 70 that drop specific loot? A roaming world zombie boss that needs to be defeated to truly beat the game? I generally play single player because if internet issues and truly love the game but i always feel like i get bored and restart after im all set up etc, playing on harder difficulties and higher zombie counts does make it more challenging early game but it still ends up being the same late game. Id really prefer not to have to turn to mods but that sort of seems like the only option.
  2. I had a fair few problems with the mod manager and trying to get DF to work. I ended up seeing a post from khaine that recommended doing a manual install so thats what i did, I ended up copying 7DTD from my steam folder and then manually installing DF into that folder and creating a shortcut to it on desktop. Worked perfectly after that.
  3. Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone can help me out with finding a hidden bunker / research station on the Dfalls-Small map? I have been looking for ages and i have amassed about 10 of each color card so im pretty excited to get in and see whats down there Thanks in advance EDIT- Finally found them in prefabs, @KhaineGB not sure if you know it and its a cheeky way to hide them but its spelt Resarch in the prefab file.
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