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  1. we tried generating a map with no roads and indeed the little islands didn't generate same as most of the moses pathways. but there are still some water issues here and ther. what depth do you recomend for the water then? what HTML color if possible. I've been using shades between 101010 for the shores and 060606 for ''deep water'' I tried using the water border tone from the resources folder 1d1d1d but for some reason it generated land when I generated´the map. Edit: I was misinformed... the water problems are 100% the roads fault.
  2. Hi @Damocles I ran into 2 issues while generating our map for the new server. 1. It seems the map is not generating a radiation Zone. We can simply walk out and fall of the map with no problems. apprarently the radiation file is not generated. that's tolerable to some point... if you are dumb enough to jump out, that's your problem x) and I suppose I could just copy and paste the radiation file generataed from and older version of Nitro? I'm gonna try that. The second issue is... when generating a map with islands. and a mask separating them enterely... it generate this small dots of land between them. I think it's where the road was supposed to be. as seen in this picture. that part is ok... it'd be even nice to try and build a bridge coneecting thos tiny island... the problem is what happens in each island. @%$*#! seen below. Apparently Moses has been earth bending too. so.. there's that. cheers. Edit- - yeah, manually adding the radiation.png worked just fine. - ok, moses is not in every island and the line of land and tree does not always generate from every island either... just found a line of trees surrounded by like 10 blocks of water high. - I double checked the HM and there are no random white pixels or something of the like where the land is spawning.
  3. Silly me was checking the forums and forgot to check the main page. ^^'
  4. I didn't realize last night it was exclusively in 1080p and chewed through 2GB of my data plan in 15 minutes..,.. x( I'm still waiting for the youtube version...
  5. Speaking of stone shovels.. anyone else noticed the player was using the shovel sideways? he's not gonna pick much dirt that way... x) also, the stone axe handle is rotated backwards. the curve shoud be pointing to the sharp side, not to the user.
  6. About the permanent degradaion of tools and weapons; I've always tought it should be included ingame. Mantainance is an important thing and here's my idea of how it should work. If you wait until your weapon/tool/armor breaks to repair it, after the third break, it will be repaired to a lower quality. The mods will remain, but if you take it off, you can not put it back in. But if you repair it before it breaks (mantainance), it will always remain the same quality. so you always make sure to do mantainance to all your gear before horde night or hitting a big POI.
  7. Any chance to make the highways respect the mask or even better have a special highway mask? don't get me wrong, I love the asset and I knew this was a stupid idea since the beginning, but I wanted to do a sort of stress test to see what was the outcome and I couldn't help it but laugh at it x) . For example, I could make a mask like this one and then the highways would generate only where I want them to.
  8. I tought I was just sleepy yesterday, but I just rewatched the stream and prime did get a LEVEL 5 AK-47 as his reward for his FIRST MISSION... on day 1... a buried supplies quest... Wasn't stone age supposed to last longer? also.. what happened to spawning only on the forest biome?
  9. Looks like big Momma is loosing weight. All that running at night is paying off
  10. for ramps? because that was not a thing. Steep walls using wedges were the real issue. And if that's what you fixed, I need a new outher wall design for A19 then. x)
  11. I know copying something straight up from an other game is not a good Thing, but I just think this is great... There is this mechanic in days gone, that when the screamer screams, you get some sort of stun/desorientation debuff, and I think it would be easy to implement in 7dtd. be it only a stun or mixing it with the alcohol debuff, or even if it serves as Inspiration for the devs to do something else.… would add an extra reason to hurry up and kill the screamers and would also discourage a Little the farming XP using them…
  12. Will there be a hotkey to toggle this off? I think they are amazing when traveling outside and a great added feature to the game, but will be somewhat annoying and in the way when Clearing inside a POI.
  13. In my experience, the majority of People I've seen struggling with the Gyro are because the refuse to aknowledge that it is indeed a Gyrocopter and not a Helicopter… Change the model for a plane and leave the same mechanics and they will probably fly it much better instantly.
  14. So I was generating a 16K map (just for fun to see how Long it would take, no actual Intention of playing on it) and then came across this in the very end (see Picture) As you can see, the cmd window shows an error, but the Nitrogen window doesn't. to this Point I don't know if it already failed, or if nitro is still working on something in the Background. cheers.
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