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  1. I can't say I've seen this behaviour, but what I eded up doing to prevent them from @%$#ting on my main pillar, was placing a sledge turret where they fall to snap them out of it.
  2. hi @KingSlayerGM, I know you are busy right now but do you have any idea approximately when or even if you will be able to update the tool for A20? I mean the tiles and roads etc, not just the prebad list. cheers.
  3. Hi. Sorry about that. Your account was so new, it was flagged as a spam bot. We have lifted the ban. If your account older than 24h now, try to join again. If the problem persist (it shouldn't) contact us here again.
  4. @Roland what can you say about the horizontal support of the particle block tho? will it only allow us to build as if wood frames?
  5. I'm not saying there aren't ways to work around it. but I give you other cases. well... depending on how particle board structural integrity works A new player tries to build with particle boards and gets frustrated as it has the horizontal support of wood and then everything have to be smaller. A new player builds everything in particle boards and procceds to upgrade everything all the way to concrete, then realizes everything could be spacious as concrete and wood don't have the same structural support a new player builds everything on particle board, then continues to remove 1 block at the time to replace for concrete or steal but... you should have not removed that particular block timmy... now your whole base has collapsed. that is the safe space rebar provided for me Edit: I don't want rebar to be included.. I just want a way to skip upgrade steps if we already have the final raw resource. well, there's a point when you build for fun and not xp. also, and well, not sure if many people always upgrade a whole building to steel. so I think most just upgrade once and leave the concrete to dry while they do something else. still happy that wet concrete is not a thing anymore tho.
  6. Well, imagine having to upgrade all this 4 times
  7. I came to ask this too. there's a massive time difference between upgrading rebar to concrete and upgrading particle box >> wood>>stone>> concrete. not only in upgrade clicks, but also farming raws. so I really hope they add something that that radial upgrade menu.
  8. 95% of the terresculptor videos are the creator showing the different features and the other are just people saying "look, this exists" Nothing clear enough for me to use. I did try searching myself before asking:)
  9. Is that TerreScuplptor??? Do you have/know of any turorial on how to use it? I use it to genreate pretty previews of the heightmaps I create in gimp, for Nitro/KG. but I' like to learn how to actually use it for it's intended purpose lol.
  10. After playing a little bit in a KG generated world, there's something that is bothering me more than I thought it was going to. The cities are waaay too flat! I had already mentioned about how it cutted the heightmap in the borders, but now actually being in there, all that flatness is a lil bit disturbing. do you have any plans about working on that aspect? maybe making it so the flatened area is not that big so we can see some change in elevation throughout the city. cheers. also, in my personal opinion, mountain generation could get some work too, making them more mountany and less of a big ass hill with snow on the top. something I could not just drive through to get to the top. so far I'm using the mountain generation to make deserts, as it give a nice dunes vibe, but the actual mountains I had to recycle from the Nitro's resources folder
  11. What tool do you use for the edges to transition so smooth?
  12. Working perfectly now. Super! 👍 Here's a suggestion for the to-do list. Find a way to smooth the heightmap after the cities have been placed or do a second smoothening then, so things like >>see picture below<< don't happen, or at least not as often. Not that it's he worst thing in the world.
  13. I'm having problems with 16 bit HeightMaps in the new version. I'm using the same files I was using with v0.8 and it generates this map. The biomes are ok, and the no POI area seems good too, but it doesn't read the 16 bit heightmap and doesn't generate the cities. after multiple failed attempts, I decided to try with the 8 bit heightmap I also had stored and it generated the map as you expected it to be generated. On another note... I'm curios about the new water mask feature. how does it work? 🤓 it adds water at any height? can I do like a river bed coming down from a mountain and fill it with water? how do I find out exactly what shade of grey I need to add the water at the right place? is it related to the shade of heightmap or something? this is promising. 😃 Also, on the water maps... does it overwrite the elevation water spawn? saying. make a crater in the middle of the land but don't want any water on it. and also... can you make it so the tool can also optionally export a water map png sames as it does for the heigtmap png? it would facitilate things, specially while we get used to it. EDIT: Something I just noticed, not sure if this is intentional or not, but traders placed in the wilderness are not connected by any road. In vanilla traders are always connected to a road. again. not sure if intentional or not, but if not, maybe make have them generate at least a dirt road?
  14. Nice! thanks. there's one think I'm confused about tho. KingGen already gives the option to generate a clean map without using the cities mask. I can choose to NOT place cities, towns, villages, wildernes traders etc. the single pixel thing is not really necessary for that.
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