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  1. After playing a little bit in a KG generated world, there's something that is bothering me more than I thought it was going to. The cities are waaay too flat! I had already mentioned about how it cutted the heightmap in the borders, but now actually being in there, all that flatness is a lil bit disturbing. do you have any plans about working on that aspect? maybe making it so the flatened area is not that big so we can see some change in elevation throughout the city. cheers. also, in my personal opinion, mountain generation could get some work too, making them more mountany and less of a big ass hill with snow on the top. something I could not just drive through to get to the top. so far I'm using the mountain generation to make deserts, as it give a nice dunes vibe, but the actual mountains I had to recycle from the Nitro's resources folder
  2. What tool do you use for the edges to transition so smooth?
  3. Working perfectly now. Super! 👍 Here's a suggestion for the to-do list. Find a way to smooth the heightmap after the cities have been placed or do a second smoothening then, so things like >>see picture below<< don't happen, or at least not as often. Not that it's he worst thing in the world.
  4. I'm having problems with 16 bit HeightMaps in the new version. I'm using the same files I was using with v0.8 and it generates this map. The biomes are ok, and the no POI area seems good too, but it doesn't read the 16 bit heightmap and doesn't generate the cities. after multiple failed attempts, I decided to try with the 8 bit heightmap I also had stored and it generated the map as you expected it to be generated. On another note... I'm curios about the new water mask feature. how does it work? 🤓 it adds water at any height? can I do like a river bed coming down from a mountain and fill it with water? how do I find out exactly what shade of grey I need to add the water at the right place? is it related to the shade of heightmap or something? this is promising. 😃 Also, on the water maps... does it overwrite the elevation water spawn? saying. make a crater in the middle of the land but don't want any water on it. and also... can you make it so the tool can also optionally export a water map png sames as it does for the heigtmap png? it would facitilate things, specially while we get used to it. EDIT: Something I just noticed, not sure if this is intentional or not, but traders placed in the wilderness are not connected by any road. In vanilla traders are always connected to a road. again. not sure if intentional or not, but if not, maybe make have them generate at least a dirt road?
  5. Nice! thanks. there's one think I'm confused about tho. KingGen already gives the option to generate a clean map without using the cities mask. I can choose to NOT place cities, towns, villages, wildernes traders etc. the single pixel thing is not really necessary for that.
  6. Different creative process I guess. I do generate empty maps over and over again while adjusting the heightmap. but once I'm happy with it, I just leave the tool to generate all the POIs. unfortunaltely KingGen keeps adding some POIs at a certain places where I do not want POIs to be generated no matter how many I have generated so far be it some mountains or tiny island I have reserved for something. Nitro did have the option to mask where you didn't want POIs to generate. used mor often I guess so it didn't decide to create a whole city in the middle of the ocean. luckily King does not have that issue so far. but it was still nice to have that control over it.
  7. Got it. Might want to consider adding it as a feature? I think more often people will want to leave certain area clear than to actively draw the whole city planning.
  8. Hi. This time I was testing the No POIs feature, and it effectively won't place any POIs in the demarked area... but it also won't place any POIs anywhere else (other than wilderness ones) Is there any other colour we are supposed to fill the file file with for KingGen to generate cities in the rest of the map? or it only works if I also made the custom cities. Maybe the no POIs feature should be in the zoning file instead of the Cities file? cheers
  9. I was Generating some random maps in different configurations and encountered this in the Large Mountains setting. Not all of them are like this, but most. checked in game and all of them are at elevation 230, so I guess something needs to be tweaked either to allow it to keep generating terrain higher or to limit it to that height but without creating those flat areas. maybe lowering the base terrain to allow higher peaks would help.
  10. oh, I thought that was about the size of the snow biome... and now that I type this I realize that that's linked to the snow elevation. thanks again. Edit: wait... will this also work in a custom heightmap??? Edit 2: nvm. I just tested it. it works. Btw, not sure if you are aware that snow and desert do touch. at least for custom heightmaps. (Yes, I know that I can edit the biomes file. just letting you know just in case)
  11. Sorry but where in the settings and config file? I really can't see anything related to it. I'm running v0.8.0
  12. Hello again. Is there any config file I could Modify to change at what elevation water and snow spawns? and if not... I think it would be a good idea to have it somewhere integrated in the program. cheers
  13. yeah, I didn't mean to add a a custom made 16b greyscale heightmap, but to imput something simple as "see attached img" and based on that, have KingGen generate a random map.
  14. Hello. So, I was testing it yesterday and first off, the tool is awesome. Seriously, great job. I was disappointed when I came back to generate a map since a long time ago and saw NitroGen was untouched ever since, but KingGen so far does everything and more. Now, a feature request: I have no idea how noise generated maps work and even if it's even possible but... Same as you allow us to paint our desired cities, biomes, etc. Can't you make something similar for the heighmap? Say I paint roughly where I want flat*ish* terrain (little lakes included), where I want water, where I want mountains, where I want hills, (I guess the type of noise could be linked to the biomes), and then based on that, the tool generates a heightmap. Or at least something as simple as "give me tall snowy mountains at this particular location and generate everything else as you wish". It would save a lot of heightmap photoshopping time and I know many people would be happy x) Thanks.
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