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  1. Those are the icons. This mod is not customizable.
  2. Yep, needs download on the client.
  3. Snufkin's Paintings Additions Adds 20 famous paintings and 20 movie posters to the vanilla paintings. Download: https://github.com/Snufki-n/Snufkin_Modlets_A19/blob/master/Snufkin_Paintings.rar
  4. Yeah, requires download. I tend to specify only when it's a server side mod.
  5. Snufkin's Slot Machine Working slot machine. Uses tokens that are craftable in a "Casino Station". To play on it, hold a token and use Primary Action on the machine. To cash out your earnings punch the Casino Station. Should work online. Winning combinations: 3 BARs = 10x 3 Symbols = 4x 2 BARs = 2x 1 BAR = 1x (break even) Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mty3NG3-krJp2E1mflCQMpXkRP0oiclA/view?usp=sharing
  6. Snufkin

    Snufkin's Jukebox

    Uploaded the new script. Also the output is cleaner
  7. Snufkin

    Snufkin's Jukebox

    I can make it so the script deletes the songs already in the folder before converting the new ones.
  8. Snufkin

    Snufkin's Jukebox

    Snufkin's Jukebox Description. Customizable Jukebox that holds up to 16 songs. While the Jukebox can be crafted, the songs must be obtained. The Jukebox itself can be placed as a vehicle. Upon placing it, it won't have any songs to play. To add songs you must obtain the 16 Jukebox Vinyl. They can be found in loot or bought from the traders. The Vinyl must be placed in the Jukebox's storage, upon which the song will be unlocked. If the Vinyl is removed the song will be locked again. Usage. With an empty hand: Primary Action, normal attack: Next Song. Secondary Action, power attack: Previous Song. To stop it, punch it while crouching. Adding Songs. The mod doesn't have any songs included. To add your own songs: Open the "_Convert" folder inside the mod folder. Copy up to 16 mp3 files to the "SONGS" folder. Run "CONVERT". Download https://drive.google.com/file/d/1i05kubKPv68vmiHs_ZcQJc2jnUVA2oCX/view?usp=sharing Hotfix 1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hBkGoL5HXanTJtbyGVooM8mMYyMPZHKe/view?usp=sharing The CONVERT script now deletes the mp4 files in the Resources folder before copying the new songs.
  9. Snufkin's Battle Royale v0.01 Gameplay. The game is a classic Battle Royale (last player alive wins). The match starts at 07:00 with a window until 09:00 for players to join. Players spawn in a random position in the map. They have freedom of movement until 12:00 of the next day, when a supply drop will fall from the sky and the first safe zone will be determined. Safe zone centers are chosen pseudo-randomly. They will not always be inside the previous safe zone radius. Players have until 23:59 to reach the safe zone. Between 00:00 and 11:59 players outside the safe zone will receive radiation damage. At 12:00 the zone will change position, players will regain freedom of movement and the cycle will repeat. The safe zone radius will shrink each day. All elements that affected progression (leveling, scavenging, crafting) have been streamlined. Low tier tools, weapons and armor can be crafted from the start and the new traps and explosives should be enough for any player to protect themselves. Skills progression has been simplified, allowing players to reach maximum level in a short time. Players will have to watch for their Food and Water stats, look for a safe place to set a campfire and spend the night, seek protection from the weather and kill animals or zombies to level up. The expanded vending machines can be used to obtain specific items, but money is relatively scarce. It's entirely possible for a careless player to die without even seeing another player, specially on higher difficulties and in the more extreme maps. Almost every obtainable item is useful in some way or can be scrapped (actually, if you find something that's absolutely useless please report it). Matches are expected to last between 60-120 minutes. There is no way to automatically determine a win condition and there are no plans to implement one. Games will require a referee to decide who's the last player alive. To facilitate things, players that have died will be locked in place and won't be able to interact with the environment. There is no required interaction besides starting and finishing the game. The core of the game is the safe zones. To implement them, I piggybacked the supply drops. For that reason supply drops no longer contain loot and are indestructible. Features. 3 perk points per level. Starting gear plus 3 perk points. 30% faster movement. 50% faster looting. 75% faster crafting time. 25% more headshot damage with archery. 25% more headshot damage to humans. 40% less global damage to humans. 200% more water and food usage. 100% more XP per kill. 200% faster item degradation. Increased armor movement penalty. No zombie loot bag drop. No XP gained from destroying/upgrading blocks. Locational armor bonus: damage to each body part is reduced further depending on which armor you have equipped in said slot. Upon reaching level 4 on the perks Gunslinger, Boomstick, Dead Eye, Machine Gunner, Archery and Turrets, weapons belonging to those perks will gain a chance to inflict Bleeding Wounds. Burnt Zombies and zombies on fire have a chance to set you on fire with each attack. Vending machines now sell resources, ammo, mods, food and medicine. All recipes are unlocked. Recipes available don't require parts and are craftable from the backpack or in a Campfire. Pistol, Double Barrel Shotgun and Hunting Rifle are craftable from the start, with a fixed Quality of 1. Workstations in the world are replaced by containers. Gas pumps and barrels are full. Ovens and Stoves work as Campfires. Locked containers are now unlocked. Arrows and Bolts glow like spears. Bolts are craftable from Arrows and vice versa. Concrete sets instantly. Reduced cost of upgrading to reinforced/steel blocks. Explosive Arrows and Bolts now benefit from the Demolition perk. Fake Soil and Snow that work as a trapdoor. Functional vehicles spawn on the world. Carrying a vehicle inflicts a heavy movement penalty. Vehicles use 1000% more gasoline. Murky Water can be obtained from toilets, sinks, fountains, etc. Ghillie Suit is now a cosmetic mod for armors and jackets. The color can be changed on demand by "opening" them like a bundle. Forged Iron and Steel can be harvested from cars, fridges and other blocks. Extreme temperatures cause health loss. Staying near a lit campfire recover a bit of health overtime. Iron and Steel Arrowheads are craftable using Forged Iron and Steel. Mod recipes show in the backpack in replacement of decorative blocks. Most weapons and tools can be scraped to Forged Iron and Steel. Simple progression: All perks now level up along with the attribute level. Perks are no longer purchasable (1). The level of the perks matches roughly the level at which you would unlock them. eg. when you buy level 2 of Perception, all the perks that were purchasable at level 1 go up a level. The crafting speed bonus of these perks was reduced: Advanced Engineering. Master Chef. Some perks were removed entirely: All book skills. Better Barter. Charismatic Nature. Daring Adventurer. Grease Monkey. Infiltrator. Lock Picking. Lucky Looter. Treasure Hunter. Ammo downgrading: HP, AP bullets and Slugs can be scrapped to normal bullets and shells. The conversion is not 1:1. You will get extra ammo depending on how much you are scrapping. Tiered quality of tools, weapons and armor. This is only applicable to loot. Quality of crafted Tier 1 items can go up to 5.: Tier 1 items have Quality 4. Tier 2 items have Quality 5. Tier 3 items have Quality 6. The loot depends on the type of container. Rare containers carry better loot. New Items: MRE (cold and heated). Alcohol Bandage. Blunderbuss Firestarter Ammo. Motion Detector. Mine Detector. Bush Disguise. Nail Bomb. Parachute. Tripwire Traps: Pipe Bomb, Molotov Cocktail, Dynamite and Grenade. Punji Sticks Trap. Spikes Strip Trap. Standalone Electric Fence. Standalone Spotlight. Radiation Emitter. Tear Gas Bomb. Tin Can Bomb. Sticky bomb. Junk Baton. Electric Axe. Beam Katana. Chain Sword. Power Hammer. Super Junk Turret. Katana. Karambit Claws. Auto Crossbow. Steel Claw Hammer. Scrap Shovel. Scrap Axe. Scrap Pickaxe. Random starting advantage, chooses randomly one of these items: Mine Detector Motion Detector Bush Disguise Quality 1 Wrench Bicycle Night Vision Goggles. Removed. Weapon, tool, armor and vehicle parts. Workbench, Forge, Chemistry Station and Cement Mixer. Crafting tools (Beaker, Crucible, etc). Blocks that need electricity. Books and schematics. Seeds and seed recipes. Bullet and Shell recipes. Mushrooms and Potatoes. Complex food recipes. Canned food, except Can of Sham. Medical Kit recipe. Bundle recipes. Many other recipes. Everything that can be crafted is listed in your inventory or the Campfire. Lead and Brass. Lockpicks. Most Journal hints. Quests and quest items. (1) Buying perks it's still possible by hovering the perk and pressing the "A" key. To avoid this, the right panel was blocked so it's not possible to hover over the perks. Because of this, this mod isn't compatible with any UI mods that modify the Skills window. Installation and Configuration. The Server and the Clients must have the mod installed and should not have any other mod in the Mods folder, with the following exceptions: Mods that change the HUD. Mods that increase backpack size. Can't guarantee compatibility with any other kind of mod. This mod is NOT compatible with SMX UI. Required game settings: 24 Hour Cycle: 10, 20 or 30 Minutes. Blood Moon Frequency: Disabled. XP Multiplier: 100%. Loot Abundance: 100%. Loot Respawn Time: Disabled. Drop On Death: Everything. Drop On Quit: Everything. Air Drops: Every Day. Mark Air Drops: On. Maps. Any map should work for this mod, with a few requirements: No traders. No lakes (big or small). No water border. Maps bigger than 4K probably won't work. An optional download includes six 4K maps (Balanced, Snow, Wasteland, Desert, Forest, Burnt Forest). Closing Words. This mod was only tested in 2 conditions: A Local Multiplayer game with 2 players (me connecting to my own game). A Dedicated Server with only 1 player. It worked well on both of them, but it might not work in a real game. The field that marks the safe zone is only a reference. Depending on the altitude of the supply drop, the real limit might be inside or outside the marked line. Watch out for the yellow warning if you are moving close to the border. There is 1 expected bug that I was unable to trigger, but I deduce from what I've found in the code that might occur with >6 players. Apparently, with a large amount of players, two supply drops spawn instead of one. I couldn't fix it because it never happened to me. Download. Mod: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gzB0eTKenTUwcvc_LD9InDa_xdjMr8Hl/view?usp=sharing Maps: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WADl8tfeg3anboIMVILHSPSQPd1cTWVX/view?usp=sharing HOTFIX 1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bG-gccULXwPxTWjR86mMz9A_mVI9WLuu/view?usp=sharing Reduces crafting time of Fort Bites (previous time was 7 minutes). Credits in the included "Credits.txt" file.
  10. Thanks, I will give it a try. I remember I could farm a bed for infinite cloth.
  11. Thanks. Other block that happens is the bed frames.
  12. I'm running the base Open Door Syndrome (1 and 2). Some blocks like this one downgrade to themselves instead of being destroyed.
  13. Adds an Scrap Axe, Shovel, Pickaxe and Knife. They are better than Stone and Bone tools but worse than Forged Iron ones. All are made with Scrap Iron as a base material and can be repaired using Duct Tape. Download: https://minhaskamal.github.io/DownGit/#/home?url=https://github.com/Snufki-n/Snufkin_Modlets_A19/tree/master/Snufkin_ScrapTools
  14. I think tagging the archetypes as Zombie instead of Player stops the Profiles to use that archetype, but that can bring other problems (I've been told). I remember on our EAC server choosing one of the zombie archetypes reverted the player to a thin black woman, so it wasn't gamebreaking.
  15. Hi I was out for a couple of days so I missed some stuff. 1) I don't know if the Mischief Maker dev contacted you, but they backtracked because they found complicated to get the approval of more than one people. 2) The gimmick of the Parasite was that she damaged your "MaxHealth". Since that stat is no more, now the enemy doesn't do damage at all.
  16. @arramusThat's really nice of you. I request I will make: since I'm linking a post on the first page of this thread, please post there any updates/new versions that you release. The spiraling to the sky was what sold it to me. It was too funny to fix.
  17. The death animation was a mistake but I ended up liking how it looks. Happens because the rag doll is missing the legs. I'm sure it's fixable by defining the legs as ragdoll only, no collision. ---- @arramus I was contacted by the author of MischiefMaker. They wanted to include this mod on the extension. I told them that, while they had my permission, they needed yours too, as you made the restoration.
  18. @RobelotoYou are totally free to use them as you like 😁 -- I haven't checked the code in quite a bit, but the Archon was intended to act as a support zombie in the Bloodmoon (I was inspired in the Archvile from Doom, that besides being able to set you on fire could also revive enemies). I never tried that exhaustively and with the buff shenanigans of the game I wouldn't be surprised it didn't work. I remember if buffed the damage resistance of zombies in a certain radius.
  19. I can't thank you enough for your work, you gave my mod new life. 🤩 Edit: I've stated my reasons for abandoning this mod. The work of everyone involved in the restoration is greatly appreciated. So please, no matter what version you are using, if you need to credit the authors please make sure you also credit whoever ported them (arramus, Slawa, etc). A little caveat. The "Westler" was originally intended as an event Zombie for an spanish server. That's why the buff description is in spanish. I've always considered it too disruptive for normal gameplay, that's the reason I didn't include it on any entitygroup. And yes, I'm excited as hecc to try this.
  20. I am so happy you are doing this. The Archon and the Banshee are standard zombies using overlay swaps, so you won't find an archetipe.
  21. Snufkin

    Riles-HUDPlus Mod

    I love your HUD but I'm not a fan of the data displayed on the bottom right corner. Would you be ok if I revert it to the 1.05 layout?
  22. This mod sure is awesome but I'm having the same issue. Hostile animals are not spawning in a Navezgane game. Sleepers work OK.
  23. I'm testing it now. It seems to do that with the hats, not with the armors. And the mods have a non-zero chance to actually come installed on the hats, that's not the intended behavior. Thanks for reporting. --- Checking again. It seems that triggered effects don't work on the apparels. I'm going to make the hats exclusive for the armors. Also I noticed 2 icons missing.
  24. I tried but I don't think it's possible to link objects to the bones of the model on the fly. With hats it's easier because the objects don't need deformation.
  25. This mod add 20 different models with different texture variations that create 149 unique hats. They work as cosmetic mods (same slot as the dyes) and are applicable on any head gear. They are only found in loot (same group as the hats) so they are pretty rare. The models are fitted to a head size of 0.5, so extreme sizes may look wrong. --- Changelog: 1.0: Release 1.01: Removed ability to install on apparels. Now the mods are limited to armor. Download: https://github.com/Snufki-n/Snufkin_Modlets_A19/blob/master/Snufkin_HatMadness.rar --- Models ripped from The Sims 4. ---
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