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  1. Pretty new to 7DTD and loving it. After several solo games where it got to the point where I thought there had to be more, I have realized that multi-player seems to be where its at. I am an older player, but I play every day. Ideally looking for someone or a group with discord etc. I am located on the West coast of the US.
  2. Relatively new to 7DTD and I am loving it. Checked out the debug mode recently, and accidentally moved the slider for default time from 3. Now I cannot get it back, no matter how I slide it, I cannot get it back to the default! Is there a command line way to set this, or perhaps an xml file or something? If it matters, I am on Linux. Thanks in advance! edit: It also seems to have set my day back to 16 from 67, did I totally hose my game?
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