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  1. Thanks!! This was the solution. I was using a capture card (60fps), it's working now. But still the first time that the capture card makes any problems like this.
  2. Thanks for reply! I already have all those settings. My monitor supports 180hz and works fine for all other games. Also if I change the quality settings I have 60fps with all of them, no change. That's why I was looking for ingame settings to allow more than 60fps, but couldn't find anything. Monitor, System and Ingame settings are all ok. No idea what to change. Any Launch options or configs needed? So, all of you can play with more than 60fps? That means there's no cap :/ But thank you for the help! Ahh and the performance is not the problem (https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/31027907)
  3. Hello! I'm sorry if there's something similar to this, but I couldn't find anything. Is it possible to get more than 60 fps? vsync isn't running and my pc could handle much more. I think the last time I played (some time ago) I had almost 200 fps with max settings. Thanks for the help!
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