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  1. Steam name: Marco link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Russo98/ Hours played: 384 hours Started on Alpha: A16 Discord name: Marco 🥤#9857 Native language: portuguese brazilian Operating system : windows 10
  2. a different idea, more like this, since the vehicles will have a change. Perhaps it is easier and compatible with a game engine to add a modification of the tower to the vehicle, something like the drone, so that the 4x4 is fully automatic, like the automatic towers already in the game, thus eliminating the need for a player to shoot
  3. yes but i say a different model of truck with a machine gun mounted on his back, of course it has to be a very good thing towards the end of the game, satisfying to get really very difficult (something like this image below) (honestly I think that would be a lot of fun and I don't see that in any other game)
  4. Hello, I love 7dtd I think it's one of the best survival games today! but i would like to know if someday i might be able to ride a cargo truck inside a game or maybe a pickup truck equipped with a 50 caliber tower for a zombie-destroyed friend, possibly possible at 7dtd in the near future
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