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  1. This stalactite was the closest to the entrance, front and center.
  2. I found a mine. I pickaxed ONE measly stalactite, the entire mine collapsed. I got 34 nitrate powder from the stalactite, and picked up 385 crushed sand from the collapse. There were a lot of other stalactites but I didn't get to harvest them....
  3. holy crap you were right...sort of. this giant hole is where I've been digging and the chest was up in that small window in the mid....ridiculous. it wasn't even a good treasure either just a structural brace mod and leather boots... thanks.
  4. I got a map for buried treasure and it was at a POI in middle of a desert/wasteland town, one with a building above an underground mine. I've dug a lot and haven't found it. Can the treasure be in a stony spot? Or will it only be in clay/sand/dirt blocks? I dug around the stony surface with pick axe a lot (thousands of stone worth) and didn't find it. The indicator says it could be in the underground mine too and I dug a little at the sandy spot there before giving up.
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