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  1. Dont mind the troll giving you thumbs down on this, this is very cool and you did a great job about it so far!
  2. I see Morpheus and Neo fighting...
  3. I always play at Warrior difficulty and i put 3x more zombies during day and night (0.5 respawn rate for both). I can tell you that its quite a freaking challenge at beginning, with the current loot progression. Until level 20, i rock a stone Sledge and bow & arrows, unless i find a Pistol or the usual Blunderbuss. And even with the later... Its easier for me to swing the Zs with the Sledgehammer. I also currently play on a Wasteland-only biome map. Its pretty rock n roll pal ๐Ÿ˜† I dont feel it makes the game easier at 90 minutes days. I just did my first BM and i had no more than 300 9mm and 7.62 bullets, a bit less than 100 shotgun ammo. I almost burned through all of them (64 zombies BM). I have been lucky to have couple of Molotovs as quest rewards. But for the most part, i used an iron Sledge (that i made). It would have been too easy with default game settings and xml, that's for sure.
  4. If 60 minutes (the default setting) is weird to you, i can tell you that i find it weird that someone plays with a faster time frame. The default setting is already so quick that it hinders immersion to me. I usually set my games to 90 minutes because i wanna have an acceptable amount of time to do stuff in preparation for the dreadful night (what a horrible night to have a curse ๐Ÿ˜„). Preciselly, i set my game to have very dangerous nights, so i can have a thrill to go out for a quest or a loot run during that period. I like the buzz of the fear of the oncoming night that pushes me to prepare my stuff for best chances of survival. In that regard, i enjoy a longer night on a 90 minutes setting. So its a matter of game stage pacing and immersive passage of time. And yeah, id like to undertake the challenge of having real-time 24 hours game, for the fun of it. I did that once when i was playing Fallout 3. Lastly, i always keep the 18 hours of sunlight.
  5. I chose option 3. I enjoy it the current progression. I dont like when things evolve too rapidly. The fact that there's less chances to find level 6 gear few minutes after starting fresh, while still having a certain probability of happening, i dont mind. Its better than in A18 where you could get OP very quickly. I mean its cool from time to time, but it was occuring too often. The only thing that bugs me, as for many other players, is what was discussed with @Roland in the following : Completely disagree with this. There is no reason not to. What if the safe owner only possessed primitive gear and wanted to keep it safe? I can see your point about the sealed crates if you are assuming they were factory sealed (Madmole states they are not) but anyone can own and lock a safe and not every denizen of apocalypse is going to store exactly the kinds of gear you want in higher tiers than you already own. I also maintain that primitive stuff shouldnt be in locked safes and sealed boxes. And its not about what we egoistically want to find in them, its about relevance and making sense. As the loot progression and distribution is conducted, from the design decision the Pimps made and openly declared, if attention to the relevance of what's inside a certain container, in a certain place, is taken into consideration, then it should also be the case for sealed crates and locked safes. We can all observe and acknowledge that we dont find an engine in a sealed Shamway crate, in a grocery store. If we loot a sports/outdoor clothing store, we will find clothes and footwear. There's reasons for why we find pills and bandages in a Pop N Pills. I mean, there's a book we can find that gives us higher chances of finding jewelry in coffins, because presumably, dead people are buried with beautiful clothing and ornaments. So the reasons for what's contained in a locked safe should also make sense. What can we find in such thing, during a pre/post-apocalypse? Ammo, guns, family heirlooms (gold, silver, diamond), money (dollar bills), gold again (as if someone would fear legal currency would lose all value), maybe legal documents of some sort, a will or a diary (paper). This is the kind of stuff that's relevant to find in a house safe. So, no, nobody will lock up a level 1 and a level 2 Stone Shovels, im sorry. This actually happened to me. Maybe a Legendary Stone Axe with a special effect? Ok then. But crap? Nope, that shouldnt be there. If the person had primitive tools, its because they were using them regularly, not to look them up as a priceless treasure or in case of random need. If then we really gotta play around with words and logic and that a safe can contain stone age stuff, then i should be able to find Honey in a Pass & Gas crate and Wheels in the coffins of the funeral home or in student lockers of the nearby high school. ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ
  6. @Liesel Weppen Good lord, calm yourself down. No im not trying to overhaul the whole game into a life simulator. Yes, i know its an unrealistic game: ZOMBIES DONT EXIST. Thanks for the hint, Einstein. Something's really annoying is someone who disagrees with a guy saying something on a video game board and going like "OMFG im gonna tell them so @%$*#!ing much!!!" *pumps shotgun*. Relax your sphincters, pal. Im not trying to tell the Pimps that we should obligatory take a piss at specific moments following the mechanics of a kidney meter or having to cut our fingernails like real life... Im just talking about food consumption within the parameters the game puts us into. You take it like i tried to burn your house down. It just seems disproportionate to me that different activities, or should i say different levels of physical intensity, result into more or less hunger regarding how much "energy" we seems to use. Also, whatever the level of "unrealisticness" a game has, some parameters will inevitably be inspired by some real-life facts. Dont go hysterical yet! Lemme explain. Generally speaking, a normally constitued human being will metabolize a mere can of peas quicker than a whole plate of steak and fries. Thus why i was saying that it should take more time to be hungry again after eating the later, while mining, lets say, than after eating that miserable can of peas. Not only the steak/fries fill us up for more (yes im aware of that), but it should also make the bar deplete slower and not only because we have more points but also because it should create the Red Tea effect, in some sort. That could help while you cant find either the schematics of Red Tea or the beverage itself yet, or Pure Water. That's all i was saying. Im not saying im right and i hold the most supreme Truth. Im just discussing about a video game on a video game board. Sorry to have kept you from sleeping at night with my outrageous comment. If it persists though, you should consult. Good day.
  7. I kinda partially agree with this. While this doesnt break immersion to me, it needs to be recalibrated i think. There's a level your food bar reaches and you automatically get hungry. Let's say you were at 40% and the hungriness kicked in at 50%. You eat Grilled Meat, which essentially is a steak. It boosts you of 10-15 points i believe? So you reach 50% once again. And then you become hungry again. But in reality, a piece of steak usually fills you for a bit longer, no? Food should have a satiety level in accordance to the type of food it is. Steak and fries should not only fill the bar higher than a can of tuna but also make your bar deplete slower, due to the fact that its a heavier meal. I can also understand that performing physically demanding activities, like mining, asks for more energy consumption from the body, therefore eating more often is needed. But some situations should be taken into logical consideration. I remember one night, i ate like 4-5 cans of food i found, with some of them being Rations, while slowly sneaking in a house, looting it. Then 2 minutes later, the game tells me i was still hungry and i wasnt at rock-bottom of my food bar prior to this. I was like dude, you just ate 5 f***ing cans! Im not running, axing down doors, or fighting 3 Zeds at once with a spear : im taking them down with a bow & arrows while they're sleeping... And im told im starving. Wth? ๐Ÿคจ
  8. Great rework! I can now read stuff on my phone without having to pop my eyes out ๐Ÿ˜„
  9. Thank you very much Roland for that great post. I was getting a bit bored in my main game after 90 days lol. I will definitely pump up the numbers to get some more action going on.
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