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  1. Is this achievable without mods, via the xml files? I would like to raise the occurence of overcast, rain and thunder. Im also wondering if there's any way to have fog and toggle its intensity. I remembered that JaWoodle has a series with thick fog over the map, but didnt check in detail if it was a mod (i suspect it is though).
  2. I almost called troll topic. But anyways. The game hasnt been "killed" on any way. If anything, they extended its life span by rising the challenge to build better bases. Its also a survival game and usually, most game of the genre have infinite progression until you get killed. You're not supposed to "win". You only borrow time. And lastly, one of the core concept of 7DtD is that after 7 days, zombies get ultra-sentient and mystically become aware of your presence no matter what you do, like sharks smelling you bleeding through huge lengths in water. Is it that blood-tinted moon? Who knows. Its the apocalypse and no one can answer this. You just have to fight. Facing the fatality of the situation is what makes this game thrilling and one of the main reason why its still getting enormous success. I personally wish to have a setting that generate completely random Blood Moons, that can happen anytime, on day one or 63, without warning. But you would like to have it easy and "win"?. You think that you can have the perfect base and chill in it while the horde exhausts itself banging on the walls? Not gonna happen! Or you'll just make it longer until they reach you. Or you run out of resources. Whatever. Maybe when they add a proper story mode, you'll have a finite goal. Until then, you better put the game down and play something else if you're so pissed that the game follows exactly the design upon which it was made : you cant run eternally and you will eventually die 😄
  3. Forged Iron, Oil, Polymere, Acid and Coal. Dont remember all the quantities, but the hardest component to get is Acid, 1 for each wheel and you can either get some searching sinks. Sometimes, Traders can sell them. I dunno why you complain about this, its not even locked behind a lootable recipe or a perk. Being very lucky, you can even find Wheels in gas stations, garages, car dealers and i believe its even in the loot table of zombie loot bags.
  4. This. And there's even a military compound with two ICBM silos and one's empty. Also, when you generate a map in NitroGen and visualize the preview, circular impact craters are generated in the Wasteland zones (if you add them). The base game itself has radiated zones bordering the map. All of this can support the idea of a full-fledged nuclear conflict and the aftermath that followed.
  5. Just read the replies of the thread? Plenty of people gave advices. I did. Put some points in The Huntsman, Animal Tracker and Master Chef for basic recipes. You'll have skills to spot animals, harvest extra meat from them. Cook some of it. Harvest Chrysanthemum and water, make Red Tea to slow Food drain from your character. Loot everything to find foot. Put some points in Lucky Looter to help you. Never eat single, basic ingredients like Mushrooms or even Cornmeal. They have ridiculous fullness points, consider them wasted if you eat them. They are ingredients for better recipes if you find or unlock some of them.
  6. Sorry but i dont get why you think Golden Rod Tea has an effect on fullness drain. The discussion revolves around the issue of food cooking/looting, exhaustion, fullness/satiety. Golden Rod Tea has no effect of fullness/food drain. Beside providing hydration and stamina regeneration (Water +24/Stamina +15%), just like most beverages, its sole medicinal purpose is to cure Dysentery. Red Tea also provides the same buffs for Water intake and stamina regen but also decreases food drain with the +15% Efficient Digestion buff. So, its obvious that Red Tea is the beverage to use for that matter, beside Pure Mineral Water, like i said earlier, but this drink is not that easily and rapidly available as Red Tea during early gamestages, most of the time. Grilled Meat is less beneficial than Boiled Meat since the later also gives Water intake. The only advantage Grilled Meat has over is that it only requires one ingredient. Lastly, sure, Bacon & Eggs provide more Fullness and HP than Boiled Meat, its undeniable. But i mention that Boiled Meat is the best shot someone can get, in my opinion, in the context of early game, since the ingredients are easier to find and quantities are not affected by Loot %, like eggs are, and also because Boiled Meat gives back HP. Later on, i sure use Bacon & Eggs more than often in the eventuality i find lots of eggs.
  7. You're right about a game with regular settings. But if like me, you reduce the % of loot, eggs become very rare. Like now, im currently playing at 67% and i can tell you that i dont have much hope in finding a decent amount of eggs. But meat is always available in the same quatities when you hunt animals. Glass Jars also dont seem to be affected that much by low % loot and even at 50%, you still find a truckload of them. So all in all, Boiled Meat is still winning in my opinion. Even in the amount of ingredients needed (5 meat pieces + 1 Water vs. 5 meat pieces + 2 Eggs). Im also wondering why you mention teas at plural, for prolongating Fullness? Because its only the Red one who does this effect. Goldenrod Tea is to cure dysentery. Pure Mineral Water also prolongs Fullness further than Red Tea.
  8. -The best, early food you can get is Boiled Meat. Bottled Water, either Murky or Boiled, is so easy to find and Meat is easier to find than eggs and available in larger quantities. You're gonna tell me that Bacon & Eggs is better, which is true in terms of Fullness recovery. But imho, Boiled Meat is better overall, not only because of the abundance of ingredients but also because it gives Water and HP points along the way. - A great way to keep your Fullness high as long as possible is to drink Red Tea. Again, this is a real joke to make. Harvest Chrysanthemum and boil or find Water. Glass Jars are all over the map like the plague, you can get so many, you'll dream about them all night long. Better yet, put a single point in Living of the Land and double the amount of plants to have a long-lasting supply of Red Tea until you go nuts. I always do this during my early stages and i dont bother about Fullness ever.
  9. This really deepens the immersion process for me. The game gets way more spookier and sinister with those random sounds and im glad to notice that inside buildings, a sound bank is generated in accordance to what you can here in a real situation. You hear cracks, indistinct chatter and whispering, the structure of the floor squeeks, you hear knocking and thumping that literaly make you look around because it really feels there's someone lurking! Outside you sometimes hear a gutural, zombie moan in the distance and it gives the chills on a moonless night lol. Its mostly always the same FX though, and various others should be added to prevent redundance and loss of immersion. But overall, the new random noises are very efficient. Oh and the new Spider Zombie screeching, very reminiscent of the Clickers in The Last of Us, is so @%$#ing cool. Instant pants-crapping 😆
  10. Even though console versions of the game run on an outdated alpha, does the LCB prevent sleeper zombies respawning in POIs marked by the block, like it does on PC? Some people are arguing with me that their LCB doesnt do this on console. There's even someone who told me sleepers are on PC only, claim that i strongly dont believe, but that's another story lol. Thanks.
  11. I dont see why its an issue? Most parts and components needed to build the vehicles are incredibly easy to find and salvage. Springs, Pipes, Leather, Duct Tape are widely available, not only in car wrecks themselves but also in furniture and trash. As for specific parts directly related to motor vehicles, such as Engines, Batteries, Headlights, you directly get them from wrecks and yes, even in garages. In the largest Pass N Gas POI, you have at least 4 cars, one car engine inside the dual door garage that gives an Engine 100% of the time. What exactly is the problem here?
  12. Those arent classes. Its attributes with skills and perks associated with them. What you identify as an inherent flawed/unbalanced issue is something that personally interferes with your view of the game and its progression system, its not a fundamental problem that affects all players. It all depends on your point of view. The usage of certain weapons is generally associated with an attribute that is mostly sollicitated for said weapons. Strength is logically associated with Clubs Sledgehammers. Agility is for Handguns, Knives and Archery. Stun Batons and Turrets are affected by Intelligence since, i guess, this device is way more complex to conceive than a simple blunt weapon. To me, it mostly makes sense. Sure, Archery could rather be in Perception and Spears in Agility. Why are Machine Guns in Fortitude? Maybe because the constant shaking of such firearms require firm stamina over time? We can all discuss elements present in the game and where they should stand instead, but the Pimps had to cut and settle things at some point. This is the system they opted for, for now. Spears/Snipers require less points than Spears/Machine Guns? Ok. Why is it a problem or something badly balanced? Maybe there's more points for Machine Guns because this is a weapon that ends up being intensively used during Blood Moons. Its also the type of firearm that's among the most efficients. Nobody uses Sniper guns and Spears during the most intense Blood Moons. All in all, i dont see that the system in place restricts people from using whatever they want. The attributes/skills system suggests that we have to make choices and that's a fundamental element of design in all RPGs, which 7 Days To Die stands in.
  13. But dude, dont you know about crafting the Parachute?? Its quite costly though. 50 Cloth, 25 Polymere parts and 10 Springs. It also takes a slot in your inventory.
  14. Im all in for improving the game, but i think there should be a threshold that shouldnt be crossed over. Zombies are dumb creatures, they shouldnt be engineers 😉 There's enough of the Blood Moons hordes identifying the shortest path to you, through the weakest defenses and working with that to get to kill you. Same for piling up to reach higher spots, à la World War Z. Beyond this, i think it loses its purpose and zombies arent really zombies anymore. It looks silly imho, no offense. If people really want smarter threats, then i think this is where Bandits get introduced and turns out the Pimps are officially working to have them active by A21, if im not mistaken. It wont be for A20 though, they were clear on that. Of course i wish it would be sooner!
  15. It all depends on your point of view. In a context of an apocalypse of whatever cause, id personally be glad to have someone friendly and sunnier in a world excessively grim and devoid of most human presence. Of course, i understand we could have mistrust against anyone, whatever the state of mind they have, as we should, since it can save you a lot of trouble to stay far from anyone. Still, if you give me the choice between Rekt, who treats you like @%$# when you actually HELP him survive as well but tells you "I treat you that good and you dont even @%$#ing tip me!!", and Trader Jen, i'll pick the later by a landslide in the valley between the mountains 😉
  16. Please dont provide erroneous advice if you dont play the game properly 😉 - You cant escape Blood Moon hordes anymore : the vultures will tear you apart like a rabid crowd at Walmart on a Black Friday. Its actually a nightmare with vehicles as well, im stunned you even think that doing this with a bicycle is as fine. - Very few POIs have campfires but this is one of the easiest thing to craft. TC will have to carry around pots, grills and beakers though. - Oil Shale is rarely available at traders and if it is, it'll be in tiny quatities. Same with working chem stations: they're not common. If the person doesnt want to wait for this, its way better to wrench some cars and loot gas barrels for fuel.
  17. But he does threaten to kill you at some point, saying he'll cut your goddamn throat if you cross him. If course this wont happen but still, he's far from being friendly. Nothing in the game features a way to get better reputation with traders, its not something implemented. They always will say the same lines and have the same behavior with you, whatever you do.
  18. The other day i saw it. The chicken had entered a trader outpost and as it saw me, it obviously got scared and ran away, up a staircase, jumped over the wall but there was spikes there. It killed the bird quickly but the corpse still went through lol. The dead chicken slided down on the ground after it landed, kept going along side a big boulder where it stopped shortly after. I stood there quite amazed. I also noticed there was another chicken and a rabbit stuck in the spikes, that i promptly harvested lol. Thanks for leading me there, dead chicken.
  19. Candies are mostly useful during early game stages. Once you reach high levels for your character and game stages, you have highly developped skills that outruns any buffs candies can provide.
  20. Its often on sale beside the fact that the regular price is about 25$ US, which is just about 30$ for me in Canada and i actually bought it on sale last January. At this price, its almost a steal for the amount of hours i've sunk into it and im not the only one. If anything, the price could be higher and i still wouldnt mind paying more.
  21. Regurgitating Whole Grog Reclining Waffle Goblin Rambling Wild Giuliani
  22. It was a mistake from my part because i just saw your name in the comments. No bad intentions whatsoever. I just put "him", referring to the author of the post n2n1 quoted, to quickly fix my error.
  23. You went with this with an arrogant attitude and that was totally uncalled for. Nothing surprising when someone acting this way gets feed back about it. That's what you get. And dont use that "Its just my opinion" excuse. Doesnt work.
  24. ...why do you need to be a @#&? about this? He asked legitimate questions, there's no big deal about it. 1. What does it matter to you to know how it mattered for him to ask? 2. He wasnt asking him to formaly translate this, but what sense it made to him. 3. Well, yeah, that's the easiest solution currently available. What, the devs should automatically abide to whoever whines about certain aspects of the game with poor arguments? If one's not happy about a game, they usually can put it down and play something else or adapt. Here, its even better, there's a third option and its to revert to previous versions still available, since OP thinks it was better in earlier constructs of the game.
  25. Its funny to see some people, being personally mad at something in the game, requesting adjustments from the devs, like its due to them, like they own that game. What's nice about the current AI is that you can replicate the approach you could have in a real-life situation, naturally : study the behavior of the threat and use it against itself to neutralize, contain and idealy suppress it. All humans tend to do this with their survival instincts. Its actually a tour de force from the Pimps to have been able to develop an AI that features those aspects, that constitutes so many entities and at the same time and that gives players the possibility to creatively circumvent, face and adapt to that dramatic situation (the Blood Moon) in an efficient way. They can also fail if they cant adapt adequately, that's the beauty of the thing. Even if you think you got it and hold the Zs by the balls, there's always something that can happen and screw you up in a second. I've watched enough of Glock9 and Capp videos to see this happen and those guys are far from being noobs. This also nullifies the claim that "7DtD Youtube revolves around cheezing horde nights". Maybe some videos show some cheap and boring way to play the game, but its nothing wide-spread like OP claims.
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