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  1. @Colin248 I've read so much @%$#-talking about the Pimps since so long, i've seen it all. And everytime, the ones who bark the most are the ones who have the weakest arguments and forget about two things : context and discernment. When you think you buy a game, you in fact buy the right to play that game. You dont own the game, its not yours, its not your intellectual property. But people act like they're part of the developing crew after they shugged out X$ for a game or worse, they think they're suddenly lead directors. So when you say people should be alot more firmer on the Pimps, that's disrespectful and presomptuous. The Pimps made a game, they propose their product to us and we decide if we buy it or not. They dont owe nothing to anyone. Sure, the game has been made possible through Kickstarter but so far, the Pimps delivered and met the expectations. But nobody is better well-placed to dictate them what to do and what not, and certainly not because of butthurt feelings, than themselves. If someone think they're better at the job than the devs and founders, then i challenge them to go in the studio, push the Pimps aside and show them how its supposed to be done. I challenge anyone to try to handle the millions of possible interactions a completely destructible voxel game may generate, and to do it flawlessly. Oh and with a random world generator, on top of that. So, discernment. I dunno why some people flip the @%$# out because the many iterations of the game are called ''alphas''. Does the game, in its current state, looks like an alpha game to you? It looks way much more like a solid beta. But bottomline : what does it matter if its Alpha20, 21, 22, 574? The game is fully playable and stable enough so it doesnt severly hinder your experience. Is it perfect? Of course not. But i can name you AAA studios, with double and triple the assets the Pimps have, that sell you a game at 80-90$ and can't even bother to make it playable or bug-free on release day. Bethesda, Ubisoft, EA, @%$#ing CD Projekt Red! The Pimps sell you the game for what, 20-30 bucks? How much more money did you put on it since 8 years? How much did you pay for the extra content they added over the years? Zero. They started with only 2 guys. Now they have about 50 people and the game looks gorgeous. In an ultra-competitive market, which is brutal and unforgiving (hello CD Projekt Red again), the Pimps managed to survive for so long and 7 Days is still the only voxel-game that offer a great experience with the features we know of. Oh and btw, they are working on another game in parallel with 7DtD. So take this in account when you accuse them of dragging behind. Context... You also gotta consider that the creators of NitroGen and KingGen only have their software to take care of. This is nothing compared to the monumental task of handling the whole game like the TFP crew does. The fact that those two map generators are able to function rapidly doesnt mean the Pimps suck at it. Both generators exist because of 7DtD, not the other way around. And when you critisize them for not listening to the community, know that the in-game RWG overhaul is done with the collaboration of NitroGen's creator (or so i heard, correct me guys if im wrong). So the Pimps are giving a good ear to people who are able to put something constructive on the table. They certainly dont have to listen to crybabies who can only moan about the damn console issue and whatnot, without considering context and having a minimum of discernment. Sorry for the long post, but thats the best way i can put it up.
  2. Buddy, you need to relax ๐Ÿคจ I didnt give you excuses, i only gave you two formal explanations and solutions to your questions. Why are you having this attitude toward me? You may not like the answers but that is what it is. Where did i tell you "you're not a dev how can you know its simple"? Nowhere. But while we're here, its not actually that simple. You asked "@%$#ing why" is there the same 3 POIs repeating and its indeed a problem. But did you ever think for a minute, while actually being aware the RWG is being overhauled (why didnt you say so at first?), that these 3 repeating prefabs are most probably on the list of things being worked on in the overhaul as a whole package, and that it'll land as such when A20 will be released? They're not gonna make a tiny patch for those 3 POIs alone, on the side, just for your pretty eyes... Like i said, relax and be patient. Secondly, you asked what's the solution to that and the two map generators are two ways that make a decent job where the in-game RWG cant. I dont care if it causes you problems with mods, it is still the quickest way to circumvent the issue.
  3. I guess its me who is misleading people. Well, not completely. I usually put up only two rods which have a wire going over a step in my staircase base. So that's why i said the end rod of my relay is the one that gets damaged all the time. I never put up above that number of fences, so i guess i was being ignorant about what you just explained and thought that whatever the amount of fences you have attached, only the very last one gets damaged. Thanks for explaining and making me realize i was half-wrong
  4. 1) RWG is being overhauled and will be available at Alpha 20 launch. 2) The only way to go around this, in the meantime, is to either use NitroGen or KingGen.
  5. The last post of a fence relay is always the one that gets damaged. So just setup the relay so you have easy access to this far end rod.
  6. Real life story of most 7DtD players.
  7. Im on the verge of passing 2k hours in a little more than one year. And this is single player at 99% of the time. I barely touch my console anymore. The only other game in my life on which i stacked so much time is WoW but i only played for 2 years. And the upcoming A20 will not help my case. But when you still have fun after so much time, why stop? Just keep going ๐Ÿ˜‰
  8. Its on the list, but not even for A20. In the meantime, play Darkness Falls. I know there's at least wandering survivors who can be hostile.
  9. I never played 16k maps. I also play solo 99% of the time and the biggest maps i played alone were 8k. I also have 16gb of RAM and i never went beyond 7-8gb of usage. I use NitroGen/KingGen maps and the CompoPack as well.
  10. I thought cp meant @%$# pumping? Is it a bad thing?
  11. Honestly, im amazed to still see some people whining about it being in alpha/early access : in what kind of way is this a problem?? What's tormenting those people so much about this? And not only here, just look at the awful crap you can read from some folks when the Pimps post on the Facebook page... Jesus @%$#ing christ ๐Ÿ˜† Is the game properly playable and operational? Yes! Does it offer a lengthy and fulfilling experience? Yes! Does it get updated with artistic, gameplay and technical fixes on a frequent basis? Yes! Can you tailor the type of game you wanna have through a multitude of features and settings? Yes! So whats the goddamn problem then? Its a rhetorical question, no need to answer. My guess is that the current generation of gamers are used to have so many games released within very short intervals and launch day patches are seen like a normal thing (it shouldnt be), so when they see a game being built since 8 years, OMG THE OUTRAGE, HOW DARE THEY DO THIS CAPS LOCK?! It pretty much has 99% of the characteristics of a finished game. The remaining 1% is the occasional hiccups, bugs or glitches that shouldnt theorically be in a game gone gold but even there, some AAA titles still have some issues similar to what you can see in 7DtD, even after official release. There's no problem with this game not being gold "yet", period.
  12. *Scratches head* ๐Ÿคจ what? Insanely "cheap"? No effort put into this? Like, at all? I mean how much more accurate do you wanna have such basic gesture like reloading? The Beretta reloads like the real-life one. Same for the Desert Vulture (Desert Eagle), the M60, the Pump and Double-Barrel shotguns. Seems like good enough efforts have been put into this so the reloading procedures are the most accurate possible, regarding the real-life counterparts. This actually makes the experience much less boring and generic. Your judgement seems to be a bit harsh concerning the values of efforts the devs put in... Maybe you should teach the Pimps how to properly make reloading better? You have extended knowledge about the matter?
  13. Jesus @%$#ing christ, lmao! There's no way i can just bring another point of view without having people get so concerned like i destroyed their dreams? Alright i'll see myself out, sorry to have broken your immesive processes. Its ok, its ok, 7DtD zombies ARE NOT zombies! Ill never do it again, promise! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿคฃ
  14. I dunno if you're trolling me, but ill assume you're not and wanna have a discussion about it Again, 28 Days Later infected people are not zombies and this isnt from me ; they visibly dont die and this is easily noticeable. They just get infected, throw up blood and get uber-@%$#ed off. They dont raise from a dead state once killed. That's the setting that's been established. I guess that should be clear by now. This isnt about being a Romero purist, im not fighting a "war". In fact, 7DtD zombies drifts considerably from the references Romero established. There's some of them who run like they're on steroids, notably Ferals and Blood Moon zombies. Romero's ones just shamble. They also dont die from a single headshot, like you said. But i assume its a game design decision to give them more fortitude because otherwise, as soon as you'd get a simple Pistol, all you'd have to do is to shoot a single bullet to any of them since the Beretta has enough firepower to do so. The game would get pretty boring. Same thing with regenerative zombies (the radioactive type); game design decision and not a Romero element (as far as i know). We are dealing with zombies in this game and whether the devs take some liberties, or not, here and there, there's a base reference which upon the creatures and based and... its zombies. Not ghosts, not werewolves, not leprechauns. I mean you have to gravitate close to the references at least. If im playing Phasmophobia, im expecting to hunt ghosts that behave like ghosts and if the devs tell me that i have to shoot them in the head to neutralize them, or stab them in the heart with a stake, does that make sense? No. Ill probably still play, but we all know its senseless. That's all im saying about zombies dying out of excessive blood loss, because it doesnt make sense, if we're being purely technical. Twist and shift it any way you want, it doesnt : they dont have working cardiac system, their blood is useless to them. Now i dont have a problem with that, as i mentioned earlier. The only thing that prevents me from using Blades is the XP bug, not the fact that zombies bleed out. Im not outraged, i wont harass the Pimps to change this, im not at war. They wanna take this liberty, ill roll with it. The only thing that bugs me is people who come in and say anything can be done because zombies are fictional... I guess we can have satanical unicorns doing ballet with miniguns during the Blood Moon then? Doesnt matter, right? Its not "real"! ๐Ÿ˜„
  15. Yeah, that's also what grinds my gear. I stopped using katanas (at least until this gets fixed) because of that. But they always give me XP when dying from fire though. And another thing that grinds that same gear : people who say "well zombies arent real so they can bleed and anything can happen with them!" and what not. You dont say?? They are not real?! Of course they're not... ๐Ÿ™„ But they are in 7DtD and they're considered people who died and for some reason, woke up from their dead state and wander around to kill and eat people โ€“ the common walking dead thrope, you know. So they're not alive like us and therefore dont regenerate. And regeneration process needs blood flow and they dont have this either. So they cant bleed out, even less those who died from bleeding out while they were still human. And before someone says so, no, the creatures from 28 Days Later are not zombies, they're still alive and can bleed out and die. Now the Pimps make them die from bleeding out. Alright, that's how they want it, ill roll with it. But im curious to know how many of us thought at first that the bleeding DoT was only affecting other human players only and didnt bother using blades against zombies because it didnt make sense for them to die from bleeding out? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I know i didnt used those for a looong time until i was bored and started using a katana, just to be surprised that they were strangely affected by that.
  16. Well, since a vegan doesnt like meat, id say it would even be more appropriate? ๐Ÿค” Hey, being a graphic designer, i can tell you that a lot of people think that way. Ive been served that exact crap more than often. "So, make like 2-3 different versions of it and if we like what you do, you'll be seen around and we can give you a lot of visibility! Even discounts on our products! How about that? ๐Ÿ˜ƒ" OMG im sooo excited for that instead of being paid actual money because i actually worked on that! ๐Ÿคจ
  17. Let's break this all down. You think that the Pimps just sit their asses on their millions and, i dunno, ill say this out of the blue... dont reinvest into their actual studio?? You dont think they have staff to pay? The employees payroll is one of the most costly expense in a business. And there's research and developement. The Pimps also mentioned in a live stream (that you surely didnt watch since your information sourcing efforts are visibly abysmal) that they're working on another game in parallel to 7DtD. You think they finance this secret project with positive thinking only? ''man, dig in the pockets and get some support to get a haste on!'' Are you serious, lol? You're aware that they did sourced and paid support, notably to port the game on previous gen consoles and then the studio that was supposed to do the job messed up, ending the project in failure? The Pimps had to buy back the rights with millions. Also, the team is nearing about 50 artists and other kind of personel now. You think they pay them with discount coupons for the nearest Kwik-E-Mart? ''still same concept, same mobs, same type of buildings and vehicles.. one you reach certain level, there is no more challenge, no boss, no hard mobs, no places to go discover with different ideas and challenges..'' Im amazed that you didnt look at all the customizable settings the devs put at your disposition, to tailor your experience at your will. And we're not talking about the hundreds of mods the community made for FREE yet that can completely transform your gameplay! Speaking of costs and prices : remind me how much extra cash did you spent on the game with all the additional content and developement the Pimps put on it since you started playing. The problem isnt the devs here, its you who wont look at the possibilities. You can just install the lastest CompoPack, its super easy to do, and you'll already have fresh POIs to explore and some are fantastically creative. But no, you decided to whine about it. The PC platform offers so much possibilities, yet its all the devs fault. ''alpha20 to come... 6 months later and still nothing.. I'm not sure if the creator played other games to get some new ideas.. get up to date it with new concepts out there.. come on man, put some energy into it.'' Wow. That last part almost made me think this was a joke topic. Put some energy into it... lmao! You know, if you're not happy with the work rate here, just walk in the Pimps studio, push them aside and show them how @%$# is supposed to be done. I mean, you clearly have the best knowledge and expertise in video game production ever to state such extremely well-thought claim! In fact, i'd really like to hand you an enormous voxel map, where absolutely everything is destructible, where there's many entities aside from your character who are roaming the place, generating possibly millions of potential interactions and handle ALL of this yourself. Just one day. I'll wait for your report on how you successfully delivered A20 in a record time, with flawless technical and visual performances. You got this, champion! The Pimps didnt let their fans down and even with the ridiculous view and opinion you have of them, they still work their asses to make something fun nonetheless. They openly talk about the developement process, they didnt charge jack-@%$# for that and they dont sell their game at 90$ like most AAA titles you find out there. If you had that much beef against major studios, i could probably understand. But with an indie studio created by two guys after a Thanksgiving dinner, who made their game one of the most popular in the genre ever, you could cut them some huge slack and think before you come out and say they owe you something. Because they dont.
  18. That's because the Nailgun is mainly a building tool. Even if some people would argue with me that it can also be a projectile weapon, it doesnt really make an awesome job at this. Nails have no stoping power and cause minimal damage, and certainly not enough to kill a Z. Given the choice between a pickaxe or even a hammer, i can guaranty that i will use either one of the two firsts over a Nailgun anytime. Yeah it shouldnt really have a quality rating but its mainly to indicate it needs to be repaired at some point (using a tool for building still uses a tiny fraction of its durabilty bar).
  19. There's going to be a chapter titled How to respond to disrespectful, entitled console version pricks who give you @%$# because you're a PC developer first and foremost and who think you owe them something. The chapter will have one blank page and the next chapter will follow right after. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  20. Newspaper pages on the ground seem to point out to an aggressive strain of flu that decimated the population and most probably turned people into the walking corpses we now fight against. So if anything, the viral cause may be the main lead for zombification. Now, what's the origin of this strain? That remains to be seen. But so far, we clearly have classic, shambling zombies. We still need to explain the origin of the special zombies, like the acid-spitting Cop, the Screamer and the super-zombie wraith or wight or whatever's the name (i dont remember rn). And also who puts the explosive charges on the Demos. The Cop seems to be a mutation. So we could put this on effects of radioactivity. The Screamer seems to also have been affected in such way. Or we could also consider scientific experimentation on her (she's wearing a gown that's similar to those worn by people going to surgery room). The Wight seems to have developed super speed and fortitude from the radioactivity or is also a result of unorthodox experiements. Nothing indicates a supernatural cause like necromancy, or anything related to some occult and esoteric forces. So i guess we would have to rule this out. Still, the way Blood Moons affect zombies is actually very strange and this doesnt seem to be natural...
  21. I once started mining a surface node (iron i guess), just like we all do. Totally normal stuff. After clearing the node, i of course keep digging to reach the underground veins. Still totally normal stuff. Im now just 2 blocks deep. As im digging on the side of the hole, a tiny portion of the surface layer detaches, falls on me and yes, kills me. From just one layer above. Like i received a whole cave-in of several tons. I stood there with my mouth open, looking at my corpse that's, yes, totally dead. This doesnt seem to be a joke, im not moving nor clicking on "Respawn on your bed". Im trying to process how the flying blue and most remote F this just happened, for a full minute. So follow my advice and clear the surface layer of your mining shaft in a 734 feet radius, because in 7DtD, gravity is a monumental a-hole.
  22. Hahaha yes i know, i thought about this right after i posted and i said damn! ๐Ÿ˜† What i should have said is : dont ever reply to reason them, with logic and factual data. They're definitely too stubborn and entitled to assimilate anything with common sense. I do reply to some, from time to time, but only to make fun of them. Some stay quiet but others get so triggered, arguing points about that goddamn console port that have been debated and beaten to death and beyond. Its pathetic and hilarious at the same time.
  23. The Facebook comments are mostly made by ignorant and/or imbecile console players, who have nothing else to do than give @%$# to the devs, because they believe the Pimps are solely responsible for the console port failure and their awful lives. The best thing to do is NOT reply to them, trust me on this one. As Bullet Tooth Tony once said : never underestimate the predictability of stupidity. Everytime a jackass is being mean with the Pimps, i tell them to go see the devs, push them aside and show them how things are supposed to be done. I never get further replies after ๐Ÿ˜‰
  24. Yeah, well, there's constructive criticism and there's having a coronary in Caps Lock about AKs not supposed to exist on US military bases in a game where suspension of disbelief is largely used. Or losing his @%$# about having too many zombies in a house with 3 bedrooms. Like no, zombies dont walk around into any kind of building, they just chill in a house because they like the wallpaper and invite friends over for a BBQ... Jesus surfing christ ๐Ÿ˜† This guy doesnt really know about the concept of alternate reality? Yeah, thought so. At first i thought it was a joke topic and still could well be so. Anyone here taking him seriously? Not really. Creative and progressive criticism is fun, it nourishes discussions and into those can flourish great design ideas. But not this. He's free to post whatever he wants. So am i to reply what i said before.
  25. Nah, dont bother editing your post to add something more to talk (whine) about. Instead, please dont play this game and uninstall it if its making a hell of your life that much. You're welcome.
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