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  1. Desiree, I don't think we have met you yet. Who are you and what do you do at TFP? -Yark
  2. Well I, for one, am very grateful that the last two years were spent creating this impressive specimen with a totally hilarious teddy bear head attachment. Not only that, but because of all the hard work on localizations, I can play the game with my Taiwanese friends who don't speak English. The auger sound effect, indestructible shopping carts and out-of-sync co-op player animations are completely unimportant compared to localization and drones. I am grateful to have the opportunity to play this game!
  3. "consider if the game was designed by women" Then who would do the programming?
  4. Man it really burns me up hearing of these healthy young people being taken by COVID. Stay strong brother; some day we'll make China pay for what they did to the world. #GonetooSoon #Survivor #GetPoked
  5. Something tells me you don't feel the same way about more controversial topics, such as crime statistics.
  6. In this thread, we love to censor people who hold different opinions. Stay classy.
  7. It is laziness though. If you've ever worked with a person who felt that the job he or she was doing was "good enough" despite not being done well, then you know about what we're dealing with here. The fact that the quest location names haven't been corrected doesn't ruin the game, but it does communicate very clearly that the development team really does not care. New animations are obviously significantly more complicated, so the art team could be excused for not having addressed missing attack animations... If not for the fact that they just spent time creating an HD model that nobody asked for. Not going to quote your whole post, but I never made any insinuations about them being greedy or malicious with their earnings. Curious that you would bring it up. And as for social media, Facebook is for boomers and Reddit is for young men with debilitatingly low testosterone levels. So having said that, my occasional criticisms will be posted here exclusively. Hopefully after my next year-long break from the game, we'll see a little more effort and new content aside from localization and zombie model edits. If I had a nickel for every time I've read something like this, I could buy a copy of this game for a dozen of my friends so they could all criticize it here with me. I purchased this game a couple years back and haven't seen significant changes. Maybe just a couple more years though!!
  8. I don't think you know what this means. Don't misquote me or hyperbolize what I've said to bolster your position. As to what you said about playing something else in the mean time, I just told you that I hadn't played in months. More accurately I haven't participated in a playthrough of any significant duration since I joined this community over a year ago. It's absurd that development time is spent on something like an HD zombie model, when minor bugs and aesthetic flaws persist for so long. No matter how much you may love the game, I am justified in my criticism of these decisions.
  9. You're conflating two different things. I said this is the first time I had played "in months," but that the reason I created this forum account was to report two bugs. Looks like I joined March of 2020, so those threads would have been posted at that time. Also, I said that not fixing a simple aesthetic flaw like quest location names was inexcusable, but I never said it was a travesty. If you find yourself needing to use hyperbole to get your point across, you may need to slow down and think about what you're really trying to say.
  10. There's no pressure for them to work hard on quality update, because this community is full of apologists. I suspect some may even be on the payroll, if you pay close attention to the reactions to many posts. I had not played in months, and the first thing I noticed upon logging in is that there is still no attack animation for the spear - a little jarring when you're playing with a friend. It's not that this is a game-breaking issue, but it's just inexcusable that this is somehow a lower priority than updating the Hawaiian zombie model. Additionally, the quests you receive from traders are still labeled with locations such as house_old_03, or store_02. Really, how lazy is this team? Oh and before I forget, the reason I made an account was to report two bugs I had found. One was that the Physician perk did not actually allow you to heal allies as it claimed, and the other was something to do with the stun baton perk. Not only have those threads been deleted or hidden, but the Physician perk no longer even claims to allow players to heal allies. What, was that too complicated for this development team?
  11. Just wait another three months and maybe we'll get another HD model.
  12. You're playing a game where you turn the living dead into a mess of flesh and bone and blood. Don't be so thin-skinned over the inability of all human populations to perform on the same intellectual level.
  13. Seems like this community is full of people who aren't quite sharp enough to understand this criticism in general. As Jenshae said, auto-aggro is just a cheap trick. In contrast to what most of you morons seem to think, it doesn't actually make the game more challenging. I guess you'd like it if medical bandages sometimes, instead of healing you, reduced your health by half its current amount. Wouldn't that be interesting and challenging? Most of you won't understand this comparison any more than you understand the topic anyway, so it's pretty pointless. Like trying to teach long division to Aboriginals.
  14. This is simply not true, as enemies can and do exist nearly everywhere else in the game - when they spawn - at a range where you can shoot them from a distance. In the example I provided, the enemies do not spawn even when you're just a few blocks above their heads; you need to physically be in the room. It's possible that their spawn box has an unusually small Y axis height compared to other spawn boxes, but it is certainly the case in other areas (e.g. Shamway and Shotgun Messiah) that enemies will spawn when you are above or below them. The same is not true for this example in the apartment building, and seems to have blatantly been designed as a "gotcha" trap where the player is actually forced to fall through the floor if he wants to clear the POI. It's not a challenge. It's just lazy and insulting game design. I can tell that you are an immensely intelligent man.
  15. Artificial is something that violates the established structure of the game. Another example of this would be the room in the 6-story apartment building, where you're meant to fall through the floor and subsequently be ambushed by the half dozen zombies in the room below. Except, there are no zombies in that room until you fall into it. You cannot simply break the floor and attack them from above, because the enemies do not even exist until you've landed on the floor next to them. This is artificial, it's insulting, it's not challenging, and it should not be defended.
  16. Artificial loss of control is neither interesting nor challenging. As half a dozen people in this thread have already attested to, you aren't really at risk of dying if you're even moderately prepared and experienced. A better example of events outside the player's control would be the wandering hordes. I personally cannot predict when one will approach, and when it happens, I have to stop what I'm doing and deal with it. This is a reasonably interesting mechanic that doesn't violate any of the existing game "rules" so to speak.
  17. Your example listed as #1 can be debunked pretty easily. You're familiar with Grace I assume, and with the zombie bear living beneath the construction site POI? Both of these boss mobs can be assassinated from stealth. I'm fine with trap rooms where the floor falls out, and even with that underground room where you're jumped as soon as you walk into it. But what makes no sense is the type of aforementioned mansion room, where stealth is just randomly disabled and there are two normal zombies. I would hope this is a developer oversight. Oh, so you're trolling. I won't be responding to any of your posts going forward.
  18. It's not nonsensical that you can carry tons of concrete, because it makes sense within the design of the game. Having your stats nullified in some rooms, for no real reason, does not. I'm not going to pretend that a special type of zombie exists, and you're missing my point entirely. If you want to bring ammo TYPE into the discussion, then it would make sense to compare that to zombie TYPE. If you take your time and read slowly, you will understand. Yes. The orange mansion POI has a cracked and open wall at one corner where you are meant to enter. There are two zombies in that room which will auto-aggro, but the rest of the POI can be done in stealth.
  19. If I meant to say unrealistic, then I would have said unrealistic. The word I used was nonsensical, meaning it doesn't make sense within the established game mechanics. If you want to talk about AP ammo, then a valid comparison might be hyper-sensitive zombies which will almost certainly detect you regardless of your build. In the same way that AP ammo negates armor, so too would a sensitive breed of zombie negate your stealth. This would be fine with me, as it would make sense. Instead we have normal zombies in some rooms that are alerted when you cross a boundary, regardless of your stealth. The underground room which I'm sure everyone is familiar with, is an obvious trap room and I can see that it was designed as such. I actually don't have as much of a problem with this room as, say the entry room for the orange mansion POI. That first room has only two zombies, and for some reason is the only auto-aggro room in the entire POI. Why? Beats me.
  20. I haven't seen any indication that Solomon thinks the game is harder because of auto-aggro rooms, and I certainly don't. They're just nonsensical, and most likely a product of developer oversight in the first place. The existence of AP ammo is not an apt comparison to having your stats disabled, by the way.
  21. It's inappropriate for a moderator to attempt to pit me against another member of the community for the sake of argument. But as far as I can tell, Solomon has been talking about auto-failure systems, which might be what is confusing to you. An auto-failure system is one where, because of game design, an element of your character is disabled and you have no recourse. Examples of this would be rooms where stealth is disabled, or rooms where your armor value is set to zero. The latter of these doesn't exist of course, but is something I'm using to draw a comparison. In a previous post, you said that an auto-failure system for your stealth level would just be a "special challenge." I'm telling you that it isn't challenging, and is simply nonsensical. In fact, just now you have said that no POI in vanilla has a chance to kill a prepared player.
  22. This has absolutely nothing to do with what I posted. And by the way, for everyone contending that auto-aggro makes the game more interesting or challenging, it doesn't. I have a significant amount of play time with a stealth build and I already know every room where it doesn't work. That doesn't make the game harder for me; just makes me shake my head at developer incompetence while I clear the room anyway.
  23. It basically comes down to your perks working 99% of the time, but not 100% of the time. I suspect what happened with some of the rooms is that it was just a developer mistake later justified by, "Enjoy the challenge."
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