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  1. Sadly, no. And I won't be messing with files for another week or so, until the version goes stable. I only work with stable versions. I'm sure someone will post a guide here on how to do it, if not, I'll make sure to post it myself, once I get the stable version.
  2. Dear Fun Pimps, I have to strongly agree with gwensparkle. The new sprites for items on the map, quests, hidden chests etc. really bring the realism down. Don't get me wrong, I completely understand it's a game and it's not supposed to be totally realistic. But let's be honest - you guys have spent countless of hours, working your asses off really hard, to bring us the new HD zombies, POIs etc., to make the game more appealing to us players and, well, more realistic obviously. You really did an amazing job, I love the new textures. But the sprites then hit the whole realistic concept pretty hard in the nuts, since to me (and probably to a lot of other people as well) it makes the game feel more child-oriented like. Now, I understand you can turn off these sprites in the xml file or files. What I suggest is (and I believe this is a pretty elegant solution to go with) to make the sprites toggleable. Either in the options menu of the game, under controls, or even better - binding a key for toggling the sprites on/off. That way, us, who prefer the realism, can easily toggle them off, whereas the rest, who need more help with finding lost spears, vehicles, exact quest locations etc. can easily toggle them on. I kinda prefer the key-binding for toggling the sprites on/off. That's probably not too hard to code, I believe? You guys are professionals, I'm sure you can take care of that easily. Thank you for reading this and trying to understand my point, I really appreciate it. Much respect to you all, Kyrcorr
  3. Sounds awesome! Thank you very much for a quick response!
  4. Hello, everyone! I hope I'm not writing this in the wrong section of the forum - if I am, please, move it to the correct section, Moderators. Anyway, at the moment the solar panel can produce at most 180W of power with level 6 solar cells inserted. A battery bank with level 6 batteries can produce at most 300W of power. If you want an infinite electrical source you need to wire the battery bank to the solar bank. But here comes the problem: in case you wire too many end users to the battery bank, which is wired to the solar bank (meaning their wattage consumption exceeds 180W), some of the users simply won't be powered and will therefore not work. A solution to this would be simple - wiring more than just one solar bank to the existing battery bank and then the whole wattage consumption is covered. Unfortunately, at the moment this is not possible at all. Can we expect to have some advanced electrical wiring options somewhere in the future maybe? So that we're able to wire more than one solar bank to a single battery bank and even more than one battery bank to a single wire relay or switch or whatever, to have a higher than 300W total wattage output for the end users (so we don't need to split end users to groups and then wire each group with its own battery bank)? I kinda doubt you guys will simply raise the wattage output from a single solar cell to match the wattage output of a single battery, to be honest. And even then, 300W output simply doesn't cut it if you have a ton of end users wired up to the output source. Thanks for your reply in advance!
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