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  1. I respectfully disagree. No one is pretending anything. Of course there is an FPS element but 'survival, horde, crafting' are all in the subtitle for a reason I would think, that is that it's not just a re up of any other first person shooter game. I don't agree that it has to be guns or death, I have cleared many POIs and survived many hordes/built many horde night bases using melee only or a mic of melee and traps rather than guns. I personally find quite a lot of variation in different styles of melee. The step back hit method you describe mainly reflects bats. With sledge it's sweeping power attack that hits several at once, with knives it's bleed and run and with stun baton it's hit lock and smash. Block doorways with blocks to hold the z's up while you smash them. Get a couple of points in parkour so you can jump higher than them on to shelves etc and take them out from above and so on and so on. I totally agree with you about the zombies being bullet sponges with higher difficulty (I also find that annoying) try using mods to up zombie numbers or horde sizes, or to increase head shot damage. 8-16x zombies makes the game very different. Not all computers can handle it but if yours can I recommend it. I mentioned immersion breaking because people regularly rage against stone tools in sealed boxes for that reason. However blunderbusses are things that exist in real life so I don't assume they're cobbled together by the character. Immersion aside it's nice to have an early stage gun (the bludnerbuss) that functions differently as it maintains variations in gameplay - a point you didn't address. I'm not quite sure what you're saying re crafting items but if I understand correctly it's that crafting better stuff instead of looting better stuff is down to deciding to go in to specific perks? I say that's a good thing. It makes each game different in the early stages (before mid-late game where you have loads of everything), and it encourages the player to make choices, because this game isn't just a straight FPS, it's a survival horde crafting building game.
  2. Love the game, have around 700 hours since starting playing just before the release of a18(I know, I know, but there was a lot of free time in lockdown if you don't have kids!). Also took me forever to write this as my wrists are still sore from surgery scars this week but it needs to be said before we go too far down the T0 expansion rabbit hole. I really hope by posting here it is considered by Devs, not bundled in to a longer thread. So here goes: Unlike many others I don't mind the slower progression of loot in A19. In a18 you were fully kitted out with badass gear very quickly. Though it would be nice if there was a 1/5000 chance or so to get a level one higher tier item outside your gamestage tier. A better balance for me to solve people's issue with finding stone age stuff in safes etc would have been to find ammo, mods and WEAPON PARTS in better chests/safes/etc. Then top crate looting is still worth it and people who are desperate for a real gun they can put a perk point in to that weapon type and craft it. What I think is a terrible idea is removing the blunderbuss and replacing it with crappy tier 0 guns. The first week or two (subject to leveling speed) of gameplay is a time to get a feel for the horde, be afraid, get used to melee and In a tight spot, blunderbuss some zombies who jump scare you in the face. I like the difference the blunderbuss brings to the game in terms of strategy and playing differently. Ditto picking up basic melee weapons and giving them ago before you get better stuff and settle in to a type or in to easy zombie annihilator Mode. I just don't understand the need for tier 0 guns. It's just pandering to a dumbed down, FPS style game experience, and it makes more of the game more samey. Weaker zombies weaker guns. Stronger zombies stronger guns. Having weapon parts and the rudimentary blunderbuss instead makes the player make choices (do I put that point in pistol crafting so I can have a gun early with these parts I'm finding in safes, or do I go with cardio to run away from the random horde I'm not yet ready to face? Or do I perk in to iron gut so I can spend less time looking for food?) My being able to fashion a rudimentary pistol from day 1 out of old pipes is for me is far more immersion breaking than finding a few stone tools around the place, and even if it weren't I'd solve the stone tools thing as mentioned above with weapons parts (or in other types of crates more springs, mech.parts, food etc etc.) More importantly, it makes the game dumber and makes the gameplay the same throughout. 7d is wonderful because it's different and challenges you to work in different ways/do different things as you progress, and crucially, it makes you make choices. T0 guns seems like the worst of all worlds to me. I do like the sound of some areas being harder and equally more rewarding loot (as planned for a20), and think that could be implemented in conjunction with this solution instead of T0 guns. I would be interested to hear others thoughts on this. I would be thrilled to hear some Devs views on this solution.
  3. I am enjoying A19 and the changes in it. I also don't mind the new loot system but instead of lots of primitive stuff in containers it would be. Good to find some primitive stuff, some ammo and some weapons parts so if you wanted to out points in to crafting you could make decent weapons. I don't see the point of a low tier primitive weapons series being added which uses proper weapons ammo. Part of the fun of week one for me is managing with a crappy wooden club, a blunderbuss or two, a bow and that level 1 axe/pick/wrench I found. It's nice to have a challenge early game and also occasionally to find something cool. Finding ways to tool up with guns from day 1 isnt necessary for me. Gun parts and ammo would be fine
  4. You sir/madam, are a genius. I revalidated files and it fixed the problem. This is also super helpful. Not two minutes after I spawned one of those redhead zombie ladies appeared so I guess it is working. I will keep an eye on the console and look out for animals over the next day. Good info, thanks. Its good to figure out the whys and wherefores. Update - it was a synthesis of both the issues above. Checking file integrity solved it. I then reloaded some mods one by one and one which doubled zombie spawns triggered the console error - because (drumroll) it altered the animal spawn numbers which then referred to the redundant 'friendly animal' line instead of wildforest. Thanks again both for your helpful tips. It's nice to unpick these little problems
  5. Thanks for the help, Forgive stupid question but you're saying I should open game, press F1 then it should say every time something spawns, is that right? Good tip re re-validating, I will give that a go tomorrow.
  6. Playing an a19 b176 experimental save on the newly released stable. When it was still b180 it worked without issue. Now when I load up I get a spawn.xml error something to do with friendly animals - but I've noticed that apart from the odd random wandering horde/screamer and horde night itself, I'm not noticing many wild zombie spawns or any animals. Is it possible they aren't spawning or am I just being daft? I was very focussed on horde night and trader questing so perhaps I'm just missing them but it feels unlikely to go a whole 48 in game hours without seeing a single random spawn zombie. I know it's best to start a new save with a new version but its just getting interesting and I'm reluctant to start over yet... Don't have the exact error code but will add it tomorrow if that helps.
  7. Great news @meganoth. Will persevere with my existing A19 for today with a view to updating tomorrow if possible
  8. Thank you, that's really helpful. I'm planning a bat playthrough for my next run but this makes me think I'll keep a sledge on the toolbelt early on for those pesky safes.
  9. Is it quicker to crack a safe with a sledge than a pick axe?
  10. Agree @Roland. Especially later in game this would give purpose to chest after chest of weapons collected looting.
  11. @mr tektite I agree about single player. Love the game but as I play mostly solo i almost always now play with a modlet that gives 2 points per level otherwise there are tonnes of skills I will never have time to unlock. I've shortened days to speed up game stage increase to compensate and also to make for a faster paced game. All that said I am loving alpha 19, though it would be good as others have already said here if in big safes and loot containers you found weapons parts from day 1 so it made then worth it. If tfp do bring in differently levelled areas like the wasteland and T5 POIs that would also solve it for me, but so far I don't mind the slower starting progression. For me running round with a couple of blunderbusses in the toolbelt clearing big POIs is fun and brings back the fear you get at the start of the game. I came to the party very late (alpha18) but am in love with the game and already have close to 700 hours - thanks covid lockdown! - so I can't speak to what is now missing from previous versions. As someone coming to it fresh late though I absolutely love it. There are things that could be tweaked here and there but I love the look and feel of the game, and I love the sandboxiness. I get that people are upset the horde can dig and swim but thanks to all the customisability one can always turn the horde off for a bit, spend a week mining then turn it back on. Or build an underground base with a horde base on top. One day I will go back and try out alpha 16 and see what eveyone loves about it, but right now I am loving 19 and don't want to play anything else!
  12. Agree with Mr Tumnus, Agi is perhaps my favourite build. Great skills, particularly parkour with the extra jump height to get out of trouble. The extra safe fall height also saves time getting out of taller POIs and skyscrapers. Just hop down the sides in absail style sections. The silenced pistol and sneak together makes poi clearing a cynch, and the speed rebuff on light armour applies to military armour which is great. Only downside is it does make you quite reliant in schematics early on so you don't have to waste points diversifying.
  13. "I think it is rude to make someone make an effort, by asking them a question or "suggesting" they should respond to an argument, and then just ignore the reply." "It sounded like you had a general rule of putting an upper cap on how much you said. In case of our discussion, yeah, I felt like you had not really anything substantial left to say. Which is why I decided to discontinue." Glad you cleared That up Kubicus, thought for a second there you were just being rude after Mega made the effort to reply to you
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