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  1. Thanks for the reply, it seemed to be due to map size, tried again in 8k, worked great
  2. Trying to use the new compo pack with nitrogen but custom_outback_size_1 keeps making nitrogen hang Anyone else experiencing this problem?
  3. Thanks so much for continuing to work on this, one of my favourite little tools. Hope you feel better soon too, covid is a B@$%&£*!
  4. I am enjoying A19 and the changes in it. I also don't mind the new loot system but instead of lots of primitive stuff in containers it would be. Good to find some primitive stuff, some ammo and some weapons parts so if you wanted to out points in to crafting you could make decent weapons. I don't see the point of a low tier primitive weapons series being added which uses proper weapons ammo. Part of the fun of week one for me is managing with a crappy wooden club, a blunderbuss or two, a bow and that level 1 axe/pick/wrench I found. It's nice to have a challenge early game and also occasionally to find something cool. Finding ways to tool up with guns from day 1 isnt necessary for me. Gun parts and ammo would be fine
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