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  1. Hi Schwanz, Is the bug you are talking about that is addressed in the next release anything with regards to performance/optimization changes? Also how often does patches come out, are they spanned about 1 month apart? I checked the update history for the game and it seems there is new patches every month or so which I consider a very good thing because the game keeps developing and progressing regularly indicating a lot of investment still being put into the game from the developers. Thanks, Cannon_Master
  2. Hi Meganoth, Thank you for your prompt feedback and response, this gives me some clarity on the situation. I hope we get to beta as performance is probably my main concern, its not nice playing at 20 FPS trying to kill a horde and then it goes to 80 FPS and feels butter smooth in the exact same location and you are like whaaat just happened...I believe the bandits would be essential, that would really add a vital aspect to the game and give you an opportunity to raid enemies that drop high tier loot..As it is I love this game and want all the best for it in the future. You mentioned some performance based topics, where on the forum can I find more information on that? Thanks, Cannon_Master
  3. Good day to all who reads this post! Apologies but I am not really sure where to post this - - I am a new player to the Survival Horror series and this is the first game I have tried in years. I do not really like this type of genre...or well that's what I thought...Since starting this game I have been addicted to it like non-stop. The crafting and gameplay mechanics is soooo satisfying! I just keep on wanting to explore, craft, mine, fortify for day 7 and repeat..Great thumbs up to the developers and community that keep this game alive. Although I like this game a lot I find myself concerned about the following 2 issues: 1. I did notice that this game has been in alpha for like 7 years - Is the game going to ever reach beta state or full release? Does it constantly get updates or further development? 2. The optimization on PC is really bad. I have an i7 8700k with an RTX 2080 Super and the game goes as high as 160 FPS on High to as low as 20 FPS. Whats worse is that it happens in specific areas at different times, For instance our base is a fortified prison, when I login at say like 08:00 AM I am next to my bedroll and ready to play. FPS at 100 which is good, I walk out, its a wonderful sunny day and I start crafting or fortifying further in preparation for day 7. When I am done after about 2 days in game I decide to logout and progress to my bedroll entering my base but then the exact same area I was in before at 100 FPS is now on 20 FPS. This is really annoying as it is the exact same location but the performance is suddenly extremely bad. I know it is the game as I can max out any other game on ultra on my RIG and it makes no sense to go from a 100-140 FPS stable in a specific location to 20 FPS in the same location if the daytimes are the only differences. Is this game going to receive proper optimization in future and are they going to release actual game ready drivers for this on Nvidia/AMD (if they have not already but I doubt it with this performance) as this would really benefit the game substantially. Other than the above I do not really have any complaints as this game is awesome and I never played the previous versions (16, 17 etc.) so I dont really know what they have changed and how it compares to the first release. As it is now I love the crafting, looting, fortifying, surviving, fighting etc. and want to see this game get better and better as I believe it has quite a lot of potential. Thanks, Cannon_Master
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