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  1. lol, give me TP! How did you mod the sound files? i was planning to mod the speakers sound, preferably multiple possibilities, or different speakers with different sounds.
  2. any plans of adding some more hints on the origin story of the 7 days to die universe? There's already references to nuclear bombs and spread of virus in news papers and the radiation zones. Perhaps it could be cool to add collectable items that tell more about the 7d2td background story, like parts of newspaper with readable articles, once all, lets say 10 pieces of information are found the player has a good idea of what happened and perhaps also gets a special ability/perk like how books work. If written well, these bits of information can add allot of immersion and excitement to the game. People could be led on a false trail by incomplete information like virus a emerges and becomes pandemic but later you find an article about the virus being successfully combated and even the discovery of a vaccination/cure. Next bit of information you find tells something about a reaction between rabies and this new vacine that everybody got...
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