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  1. I have now found a strong potential link between this problem and some other minor occasional problems i had with firefox playing videos. Sometimes(maybe 10% of the time), Firefox would crash when loading a video on you tube for example. I assumed it was unrelated and possibly a Firefox specific problem. However i recently tried playing a video on VLC and got a full windows crash every time i tried. (yes this is the first time i played a vlc video on my new system ) When i looked into these crashes, it gave the same error as the 7d2d crash. So i messed with Vlc settings and disabled hardware acceleration and anything else that might use directx, and voila, no more crashes. I then applied the same tactic to firefox and it also solved my problem there. So there definitely is a problem outside of the game, with my soft or hardware, or a combination of the two, causing a very specific direct x problem. Whats weird is that i've tried lots of games now and they are all running without any problems, so the problem i am having seems to be very specifically related to hardware acceleration of video. I guess you guys already assumed this was a problem on my system, not the game, either way, thanks for helping. Beelzybubs suggestion is no longer relevant i assume? However any advise on how to pin point my problem further and or fix it, your very welcome. If i contact my webshop for a waranty case i want to be able to prove just a little bit that it is a hardware problem. (ps: yes i tried the latest 20.2.2 driver, i actually tried 3 versions in total)
  2. Is this issue being addressed? I will gladly provide any further information if necessary.
  3. lol, give me TP! How did you mod the sound files? i was planning to mod the speakers sound, preferably multiple possibilities, or different speakers with different sounds.
  4. any plans of adding some more hints on the origin story of the 7 days to die universe? There's already references to nuclear bombs and spread of virus in news papers and the radiation zones. Perhaps it could be cool to add collectable items that tell more about the 7d2td background story, like parts of newspaper with readable articles, once all, lets say 10 pieces of information are found the player has a good idea of what happened and perhaps also gets a special ability/perk like how books work. If written well, these bits of information can add allot of immersion and excitement to the game. People could be led on a false trail by incomplete information like virus a emerges and becomes pandemic but later you find an article about the virus being successfully combated and even the discovery of a vaccination/cure. Next bit of information you find tells something about a reaction between rabies and this new vacine that everybody got...
  5. no, fresh install on a new ssd. PS: I forgot to post a new speccy report http://speccy.piriform.com/results/rtQzKj1dP46Qs7wPtnUQMCs
  6. Yes, GLcore runs without crashes. But as mentioned, it runs poorly.
  7. Updating the drivers to the latest version didnt help. Sometimes the game and windows fail to make a log/crash dump file, or only partial. What is weird is that clicking the left mouse button will sometimes reboot windows and induce the crash earlier. I also played around with forcing the game to run on older dirtect x versions, which didnt help either. a few weeks ago i also tried reinstalling the game and the experimental version, no difference noted. https://pastebin.com/F1PdsyNM https://pastebin.com/JAq7bdAV Edit: i reproduced the bug a few times and noticed one crash file successfully going through the steam initialization, still it crashed, didn't notice any difference. The crashes i get in vulkan are known, correct? It clearly states not fully implemented. any chance it gets fixed/fully implemented anytime soon? It runs alot better then GLcore which kind of looks worse, has much lower fps and stutters and also some flickering graphics bugs on stone and roads. https://pastebin.com/AVEJJxnS
  8. Thx for looking into this bug so quickly, i really love the game and i'd like to be able properly play it. Also, AMD just released new drivers, i will be installing them today. Apparently the 5000 series had quite a few specific bugs. If this update doesn't work i will also report it to the amd bug team with links to this forum. These crashes occurred on the stable version of 20.1.3 7 days output: https://pastebin.com/CMCjhDQe https://pastebin.com/nX8Ms9B6 Windows mini dump: https://pastebin.com/7WSLVx6G https://pastebin.com/NwcFYZBx
  9. Ok I used DDU in safe mode to clean the system of driver software and reinstalled the stable amd driver version 20.1.3 also while disabling the internet to prevent updates to no avail. I still have the exact same problem. Hardware stress test is going to take a while and i highly doubt the problem is in the actual hardware, but if you insist it, i will try. I have played other games like GTA 5, NMS, L4d2, and EU4 without any problems at all. Output log seems the same, do you need to see the new crash dump and 7days output log? Also tempratures are fine all over, my video card is not the stock version, its an Asrock challanger
  10. i definitely installed the latest drivers, as i said in my first message i also tried reinstalling. I checked the other output files and with GLCore there is no steam error: 2020-02-25T12:50:24 0.010 INF [steamworks.NET] SteamAPI_Init() ok I don't get any error message from steam, or i cant see it (yet) because the system freezes, including sound, which loops half a second of audio or something, but no bsod. I don't know the correct terminology for this kind of crash, but i have seen it in the past before with other systems, usually bad hardware.
  11. I've also got the flickering pixel clusters in what seems grey textures only like mountain cliff or roads. However i am only having this issue on GLcore, which is described here as a fix! I am also using full amd system, ryzen 5 3600 with rx 5700
  12. My freshly installed new pc freeze crashes just after loading the game(it reaches main menu then crashes, or crashes as soon as i click while still loading/showing the fun pumps logo), looking into the windows crash dump file it gives a 0x00000113 looks like direct x crashes, usually the windows crash file points to watchdog.sys and ntoskrnl.exe as well as dxgkrnl.exe. I have added system information, output file of the game and windows crash files. I dont have this problem with any other software or using the glcore or vulkan option in the 7 days launcher. However Glcore runs very badly on my system including flickering grey pixels. Vulkan runs great but crashes to desktop regularly. I also didnt have this issue on another system. 7 days output log: https://pastebin.com/UhKJgjR4 system info: http://speccy.piriform.com/results/AbXecZfoUwbpKQ2eV7xsdMb I have tried solving this issue by reinstalling drivers, the game, directx itself, deleting and or disabling the anti cheat and changing launch options in steam to no avail. The same crash occurs. crash1.txt crash2.txt
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