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  1. Some interesting ideas (I like the escalator, but I'd be happy with a simple vertically moving platform (5 block up/down) that works like a hydraulic lift in a car shop. Wrt string lights - if anything kills performance in Unity, it's lights. I can see some emissive textures being used for string lights, but I don't see how our dear developers would put a light source into that. Wrt parachute - perhaps disallowing jumping out of the gyro when more then 10 units above the ground would make flying safer? I mean, who hasn't inadvertantly disembarked while navigating navezgane in a gyro?
  2. I think bird houses are an interesting idea, but they can easily tip the balance. Crafting them from just wood and nails will cause people to just put up LOTS of these so they have lots of eggs for basically nothing (no investment after the initial build). There should be some kind of balancing factor to offset a possible early-game exploit. Oh, and although I believe I know what you meant by "there aren't birds in the game" (you probably mean small songbirds), a nit-pick: I seem to recall at least two: wandering chickens, and the truly, truly annoying vulture zombie
  3. WARNING: Wall-of-text! For some time now my friends and I have been agonizing over the question of how to bring a simple yet fun way to farm to the game - simple in terms of development effort. Here's a hopefully near-complete proposal to bring chicken and egg farming that shouldn't cost an arm and a leg to implement, and blends well with current game mechanics. Abstract Here's a simple way to add egg- and chicken farming. The proposal is split into a "Stage One" proof of concept and "Stage Two" to be implemented only once we know it works and adds fun to the game. For simple egg far
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