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  1. It seems like leaving POIs open for exploration would have a lot more replayability. As it is now, going through the same POI a second time is already boring because the path that you are coerced into following is exactly the same every time. Is there some reason why they are built this way, and with the addition of the mentioned "key to unlock end treasure" type of thingy, would it be possible to remove the one true path from existing POIs or at least make both types and have it optional which type spawns?
  2. Thanks this should help! I seem to have the opposite problem: a bunch of us play on the same server and we all want to do a blood moon together like once each weekend, which means if for example only one person is on during weekdays then the clock is running and then when blood moon happens (even if we're all on at that time) there hasn't been enough prep time to make ammo and so on.
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