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  1. I actually think the streamers are bad for the game. I've watched 3 streams for about 10 to 15 minutes each now and they are so bad they make Joel look like an e-gaming pro (luv ya Joel). You can even tell they haven't bothered to read the patch notes; and the chat comments suggest others are just as frustrated - at times almost screaming at them in frustration how to play or explain / correct what was changed this update lol. It's cringe-worthy to watch and I honestly can't see how they can be building hype given most of them are exposing the horrible start to the game we all have to push through when re-starting. TFP could at least suggest they cheat mode their way to level 30, start a base, and get into the action with a handgun and some ammo. 7D2D is a great (but not flawless) game and people should see how awesome the game is after the first 5 to say 10 hours because it's not like most games where they throw you into the action; it's a slow burn and each Alpha for me has been over 100 hours gameplay, but the start is always dreaded. I have no issues not playing the game until it's released, just fail to see how these streamers are doing anything positive for the game because if I stumbled across the streams I've watch thus far, I wouldn't have an urge to buy the game.
  2. We get some things first because we're +10 GMT, not because we're not part of "the general population" thanks. Unless you're thinking of Tasmania, where they have two heads and marry their siblings.... As for the point of the thread: would you rather TFP spend $$ using mainstream marketing techniques (massive cost for minimal ROI / penetration) or attach themselves to some streamers which is likely free and can target potential customers directly? Without going all Ben Lee - we're all in this together, and having more purchases of the game benefits the core player base too because it's allowed development to continue to this point. Go check out games like Reign of Kings or any of the other dozens of Steam EA games that failed or took off with your money for a bit of perspective on what the complaint here is.
  3. How bout some networked vending machines and bulk terraforming? I find it hard to believe there wouldn't still be hardware networks which could be used to link the vending machines up in a post-apocalyptic world. But really from a gameplay perspective, on multiplayer worlds we're almost 20km from each other at times - and even on worlds that create a 'market' of vending machines, who has time to sort though 40+ machines (there has been over 6k players on the server I play and there is over 200 vending machines) every time you want an item? And as for bulk terraforming, it would obviously pose PvP issues, but it is ridiculously tedious breaking up individual blocks.
  4. Really glad to hear you guys have recruited more staff to work on the game!
  5. Hi Spider and co, Thanks very much for this awesome mod - I love it. It has breathed new life into 7D2D for me and I hope the devs buy into what some of your mods do for their game and adapt them. Just from the standpoint of someone running their own server can I request that the config files be kept in the same format as the stock config's? Specifically looking at items.xml: The stock config files have <!-- STK whatever --> next to the stack value for batch modding as described in xml.txt. It can become quite cumbersome during patching to go through and have to edit each value individually. Also I've noticed in the TS config the server doesn't recognise a non-capitalised "s" at the beginning of Stacknumber. Small detail but I have seen others posting about not being able to edit stack numbers. Thanks again
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