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  1. Thank you very much Teltric I am going to try to change that line in the xml.have a good day. 😁
  2. i wanna make the robots attack the thumper or player or both. I wanna they make something anything. any advise?
  3. confirmed there is some incompatibility with some mod... 😔 any idea what to do in my case? I can edit xml if needed
  4. Thank you for answering so quickly I'm going to uninstall all mods and test the thumper just to see if there is any incompatibility, oddly the thumper robots only attack Xyth's npc lol (I'm using dmt).
  5. Is it normal for a thumper robot to appear in the excavation mission, and do nothing? absolutely nothing neither attacks me or attacks zombies? he just wandering around.
  6. this mod removes the virus ta? or whatever it's called, I looked for it in the posts of this forum, but I didn't find anything.
  7. thanks for your effort, can't wait to see the missions with npcs
  8. This is normal? Having so many missions at the same time, just eliminating 10 zombies makes the game broken. btw i am using dmt to install the mod, and is no darkness fall vercion
  9. It would be excellent that the bandits with automatic weapons shoot in bursts or automatic mode and reduce the damage a little bit, as for example the macbee npc he shots m60 autmatic fire, I tried to compare the xml to achieve it but I could not ... if you made this, I would be eternally grateful. sorry for my english i am using google translator
  10. Too bad it can't be completely silenced, but thanks
  11. Hi, Teltric I would like to remove the sounds of the assassin footsteps any idea that I have to edit in xml to make it? excellent mods.
  12. strange, I did a clean install of the game, mod and nitrogen and the problem persists.
  13. is there any way to make bandits using ak47 and mp5 shoot similar to mechBee? (rapid fire). I am also testing the dmt versions with a friend, we are reviewing how the bullet damage works in the xml but we don't understand it; I would like make bandits run faster any advice? to edit it in the xml?
  14. Hello bdubyah I created a new map with nitrogen and the House_Old_Pyramid_4 prefab looks like this...... the poi works fine (same as the others) but this one sees the poi floating in the far distance. any idea how i can fix it?
  15. Hello Xyth an mates of the forums was thinking, did you remove the wandering horde bandits?.. Was that the function of the gamestage XML? i have old vercion of humans pack. any comand cosole for test wandering horde bandits?
  16. Souhank

    DMT Modding Tool

    Sorry about my comment i found the solution.
  17. Hi everyone, I don't know if I should ask here but I also asked the creator of the wesland mod too, when I use both modles of the wesland and creature pack humans, all entities that use ak47 stop firing, only ak47, but the wesland bandits work well with the ak47 could someone tell me why this happens is there any way to fix it?
  18. I found a strange bug the creature pack humans ak47 humans dont shot whe i install your mod, any ideas why?
  19. I see thank you so much
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