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  1. I did the same but I couldn't even load up the game way back when I first started using the mod. I have a 32gb swapfile when the game is running.
  2. if the 50 were zombie bears it needs to be real live society contributing bears. or you are using the wrong weapon check the quest notes for that info.
  3. one of the rarest drops in the game. I think he has said before they are not on the shops it is loot only and ultra rare.
  4. I would just buy it. I have done entire 100+ hour playthroughs and not found it.
  5. oh that's great news. I think the auger does the same thing if that's related. I noticed when the P225 is zoomed in and you click reload it doesn't do anything until you zoom out. I'm sure someone has brought that up before but just in case tks KGB
  6. for you guys having issues installing try the mirror option in the launcher or a manual download from Nexus. gitlab has been having issues the last few weeks with the mod. it shouldn't give you issues when it downloads correctly it is a pretty painless process. Make sure you have the game's latest current stable version to match DF main branch 2.50.1 which is 7d2d a18.4 b4 right now.
  7. Like Align mentioned there is a system in the game called Wellness that you have to manage. Every time you die you lose 10 wellness points. Radiation and infection from zombies with covid-19 can also lower wellness I believe. You have probably died 5 times if your health is at 60 and you invested a point. There is an entry for Wellness in your log have a read it might help. Certain food items and drink will restore wellness. On their tooltip you will see how much. Vitamins will also restore 3 wellness. After you drink or eat a wellness item you have to wait until the buff expires to get bumped again. So don't chomp down on all your stash at once.
  8. It's for steel bolts and arrows in case you only fixed one. That's for looking into that k something new. I was wondering if there was any point to wrenches after the steel pickaxe was unlocked. I accidentally discovered a quality 41+ fully modded and perked out steel pickaxe will shred full cars in 4 sometimes 3 quick hits and barely any stam vs turning a wrench for a lot longer time. I seem to get all the same mats vs wrenches in some very rudimentary testing and I'm a mechanic. Or is the steel pick axe misbehaving? ... I thought maybe a wrench was for engines or oil but i seem to get both with the pickaxe albeit much lower %.
  9. I think a zombie must be doing that. it happens to me occasionally on horde night and I've noticed there is always a cold zombie around
  10. nono, cloth isn't the prob. I ran out of feathers so was going for the alternate recipe because I was used to using cloth like the lesser arrows. The scrap polymer is the one that isn't working and shows locked. I can craft the recipe with feathers but the polymer recipe seems broken.
  11. Hey Khaine what unlocks the alternate Steel Arrow and Steel Bolt recipe for the regular workbench (v2.50.1)? When I click on the recipe in the items list it initially shows the Unlocks tab and it's all blank ("unlocked by" screen). Then when I click on the actual ingredients and description tabs they behave normal and I can see the ingredients list but there is no Unlocks tab. I see you have the alternates set to tags="learnable,workbenchCrafting". I do have Steel Crafting, Workbenches, etc. It's like it's broken or missing data. Can you reproduce or am I being a dummy? I just wanted to see if the alternate took cloth because I ran out of feathers and stumbled across this.
  12. hope you are doing better Khaine, take your time
  13. sorry, you are right Ferals was my personal experience. I have experienced what you are talking about though. I just assumed that the behaviour was normal in tier2+. KGB will have to confirm either way. I was also wondering if there was any point to wrenches after the steel pick axe was unlocked. The axe will shred full cars in 4 sometimes 3 hits and I seem to get all the same mats vs wrench in some very rudimentary testing. or is the steel pick axe misbehaving ...
  14. you get a food, water and medicine buff when they are active from an item. you have to wait until they run out to rebuff and get the wellness bump again. sucks when you get rushed by ferals in a tier2 poi which happens to me all the time but it means I have to be super careful since I"m squishy. I use double turrets with mods on them to cover my butt. they are really useful in DF.
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