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  1. I have had this happen to but it's always findable. Some of the POIs do not have the wonky give away panels and the item is behind a real wall or under a sofa etc..
  2. that might provide a bit more balance and allow the game to breathe a little. i don't mind the way you have it right now I just want to chill a little this play through. the blood moon breathing down your neck doesn't allow you to stop and smell the roses. I think 2 weeks would definitely be a nice sweet spot once you get the end game story telling and bread crumbs all working the way you want.
  3. thanks for the feedback Khissi. I think I am going to turn it off this run too. wandering hordes are a big enough pain in the butt now so that will probably be enough for me. I even thought about a once a month horde but that's also a distraction like you were saying. I do like the pull that blood moons give you and having to manage your time but I'm going to turn it off this run.
  4. anyone play with horde nights turned off? I'm thinking about doing a run just focusing on the MQ...thoughts? still fun?
  5. the ones with the 1 in the name have the full loadout of POIs, so you would want to use Large1 or Medium1 or Small1
  6. finding them a couple times with a random rank / properties vs being able to make a T3 max rank crafted weapon is quite strong imho
  7. when I was watching the first couple the other day I was struck but what a good job he did explaining DF to beginners. those two episodes, especially the first one, are a great tutorial. also, did you change the lathe drop rate? i saw a few youtubers getting it very early, sometimes week 1 with barely any lucky looter increase. I got it myself on two restarts within the first couple game weeks. just curious because that coil gun power spike is huge.
  8. have you got a bed in the claim? I have been experiencing the same behavior that is different from previous versions, only the one with a bed seems to work now.
  9. Bdubs or Snufkin's vehicles...anyone have a preference?
  10. Is the tedious part in this that it would take you too long to get to the 45 trigger with the quests so high? Just trying to figure out the new trader mechanics so we don't make a mistake. Is the goal here to rush Caitlin or is it just good to do the trading route quests at low level?
  11. I actually noticed the same thing. I cleaned the old install out and then used the launcher.
  12. @Liesel Weppen good info, thanks for the research. keep us posted
  13. oh I wanted to add I also use more than one rain catcher. I usually put them at the outer corners until there is plenty of water most or all of the time. Usually I do it on the roof of my home base. I've never had a problem growing with this setup or needing water for drinking. It's easy to add another 9x9 grid next to it too. good luck
  14. fwiw i've always done a 9x9 with the rain catcher in the middle BUT i make it myself and build up the dirt two high (i suppose I could dig down two also). I also leave the very middle channels open and the outer 10th row perimeter open so the water flows around the perimeter and the middle channels. I think that allows the water to keep accumulating and might make a difference with the ticks having water available.
  15. if it's the base Snufkin is it perhaps because not all the zombies are available all the time? Some of them spawn on night only, one by a quest iirc and another on the bloodmoon. so maybe you aren't seeing them because of time of day or biome? just an idea
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