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  1. 46 minutes ago, Kosmic Kerman said:

    Motor tool parts are way more prevalent in A19 compared to A18 and so crafting an auger is definitely easier. In A18, I spent a bunch time acquiring enough motor parts so I could craft my first Auger. If having the auger is essential to you early game you can always use the creative menu to give yourself the schematic or the auger itself. There is always going to be a least one recipe that will prove elusive in every game. That is part of what provides the game its replayability.

    Hear ya Kosmic. Had 100 motor parts, and no way to spend it. its almost taunting.


    Another thing I thought I heard somewhere: large animals not spawning as much? Game i played, saw 1 bear and 1 dear in 27-ish days ... until I drove into a snow town. saw 4 bears, 2 lions (??) and 4 wolves in one night ... just saying

  2. 3 hours ago, Danidas said:

    I think what is going to happen is they will tone down the vulture spawn but will have their vomit melt vehicles by causing a ton of critical status effects to disable them. Similar to how their melee attacks cause a ton of status effects on players. So If you try to run from the horde on a vehicle as long as you dodge their vomit your going to be mostly fine.

    sounds more palatable . but crap, trying to solo ... the "status effects on players" are more interesting than they used to be. I do like how the smaller things have become more important ... just not how extreme some of them have become.




    7 hours ago, Danidas said:

    I like the anti vehicle vultures as they make it easier to cheese the horde. Just build a box with a bunch of traps on its roof and a hallow room with a bike in it. If the horde is too much just hop on the bike and 50 percent of the zombie spawns will be converted to vultures that will quickly die to your roof traps as long as your on the bike regardless of if your moving or not.


    sorry, this is what I meant will get nerfed.

  3. 15 hours ago, Sjustus548 said:

    The auger is a craftable item, you just need to find the schematic to unlock the recipe first.  If stamina loss if a problem for you then try drinking some coffee or beer.  Those will give you a buff for improved stamina regen.  If you are having trouble getting stone to build with I would suggest hitting up POIs and look for the blue containers.  Those will give you cobblestone or cement and are an easy way to get started building early on.  I agree with the vultures though.  They are very annoying and shouldn't get jetpacks during horde night and be able to stop my 4x4 from moving.  


    Edit: Also if the game is too hard you should turn down the difficulty settings.  No reason to play on harder settings if you aren't enjoying it and finding it too difficult to play.  

    thanks Sjutus548: good stuff. I was frustrated at the complete change in game play. have to figure out a whole new way of playing now.


    Is it me, or do the changes seem geared towards making the multi-player version more fun? Solo seems ... frustratingly hard to me. I am pretty sure I leave the difficulty on the default setting, whatever that is.


    11 hours ago, Roland said:



    For you.



    7 hours ago, Vampirenostra said:

    Yeah, but this is what actually happen in all horror movies)))

    great idea, but that will get nerfed too.

  4. There is an old salesman adage: you cant take a feature back once you give it a customer.


    1. bring back the auger as a craftable item. I have 50steel tool parts and 100 motor tool parts (or the opposite, can't remember) ... but cant craft a chainsaw or auger.

    2. stop having birds slow/stop a motorcycle: really?

    3. consider improving stamina loss/regen.


    That's your answer to make the game more challenging? you turned the game on its ear and ruined it. I get there are people out there who love ridiculous challenges, but not me. The base game is simply too hard now. Believe it or not, there are a lot of players who like to take it slower.


    1. no auger, check ... np ... will mine

    2. lose stamina doing everything especially mining, uhh monkey turds, check

    3. can't mine fast enough, so can't build ... (collar checking nervous) check

    4. get motor cycle built , check

    4. blood moon birds stop you on motor cycle no matter what: *sigh* and the monsters run almost as fast a motorcycle: or respawn close to the motorcycle: not sure, don't care.


    ... if there was at least an auger recipe, or trader joe/josephine sold an auger: no sign after 30 days contrary to release note about augers:

    • Auger no longer has a low priority to be for sale at traders

    (not sure what that even means)


    30 hours wasted.


    dumping game and waiting for a better patch.


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