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  1. Hear ya Kosmic. Had 100 motor parts, and no way to spend it. its almost taunting. Another thing I thought I heard somewhere: large animals not spawning as much? Game i played, saw 1 bear and 1 dear in 27-ish days ... until I drove into a snow town. saw 4 bears, 2 lions (??) and 4 wolves in one night ... just saying
  2. sounds more palatable . but crap, trying to solo ... the "status effects on players" are more interesting than they used to be. I do like how the smaller things have become more important ... just not how extreme some of them have become. sorry, this is what I meant will get nerfed.
  3. thanks Sjutus548: good stuff. I was frustrated at the complete change in game play. have to figure out a whole new way of playing now. Is it me, or do the changes seem geared towards making the multi-player version more fun? Solo seems ... frustratingly hard to me. I am pretty sure I leave the difficulty on the default setting, whatever that is. :) great idea, but that will get nerfed too.
  4. There is an old salesman adage: you cant take a feature back once you give it a customer. 1. bring back the auger as a craftable item. I have 50steel tool parts and 100 motor tool parts (or the opposite, can't remember) ... but cant craft a chainsaw or auger. 2. stop having birds slow/stop a motorcycle: really? 3. consider improving stamina loss/regen. That's your answer to make the game more challenging? you turned the game on its ear and ruined it. I get there are people out there who love ridiculous challenges, but not me. The base game is simply too hard n
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