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  1. okay, seems to work if i copy the .dll from the DMT directory to the mod directory where i have the .cs files.

    But another question came up:


    I am wrinting a IHarmony Patch, which accesses some variables inside a class, which are privater and have no getters/setters. So i wrote an IPatcherMod, to turn these into public variables instead.


    BUT now comes the crux:

    The IHarmony script can't compile, because the IPatcherMod is called at runtime, while at compiletime the variables are still public, and the dmt compiler prevents the compilation because of that reason....



  2. Found a bug: Starting Questline, Quest 6 requires you to craft arrrow and bow, and one of the subitems is to craft 6 sticks......but sticks can only be crafted if you took the bowyer class at start, any other class cant progress past this subquest....... so no quest for the first trader, etc... that sucks - or it is a bug.



    Well, after going through the XMLs i cannot find the recipe for sticks anywhere, not even for the bowyer class...strange. Then its a bug? Or did i miss something?

  3. Great mod, been playing for a few days on the test server. It's soo much more fun to find real garbage in trash heaps than preprocessed materials....


    The Qualitiy of the Icons and additional Graphics is incredible, and fits surprisingly well into the game/world. Its really IMMERSIVE.

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