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  1. I love to see how many of my Suggestions actually made it into A19
  2. - Thx for the support ma man
  3. Why not just add it ... it's peoples own choice to add it .... they know the risk... sure thing am not the only one want this... it makes the pixel game much better... but i guesse a lot of Streamer out there fear to get spoiled lol
  4. @roland I get Your Point but its Up to the players themself to turn it on or not, i mean if you turn of cm for good, and game buggs, well jokes on you.... your choice am i right ? - A iCon would work aswell for me, i just want to improve my "pixel" game - - - Updated - - - @Stahl I think i get what your are trying to say, mind explain it a little better to me ?
  5. Btw Did BorringMole Come up with a reason, for not adding it ? Not like it takes up resources or tons of Work
  6. Also i dont wanna Play Somebody elses Game, where i can end up lose it all Very Next Day Because the host is "dead"
  7. First of I dont think it's right that i have to Rent a server to play the game.... Secondly it doesnt help me prove Anything
  8. I think you are missing my point sir, I can resist it, but how can I prove it to others, and other way Around ?
  9. This Is some thoughts i got after playing 1000s of hours With Friends/Solo Could Quests Given By Traders get a update, After tier 3 You Get Burried supplies Quests Ie in a 1-20 rate Really horrible if thats the quest you want, - Also give Stuff Such Chairs,Beds,refrigerator,Freezer and so on a "less" purpose, - And For God Sake Please make a Option No Cm/DM Possible, which makes you not able to turn it on at all!, I would love to Create Something "Serious" in a "legit" way but At this point, it seems pointless because theres no way to tell if i spawn it or actually Grind It. Add Lizards - Iguana/green Iguana - and 2 new Stealth - Hide Sets the one for Desert other for Woodland Make Neutral Birds Spawn/Appear/live Near Trees, and Therefore Bird nest spawn more around Tree's With Birds And not all some random Places Add BirdSnares - Lets be able to catch Birds Aswell - By Trapping Birds you will get Meat/feathers, but reduce Nest spawns Add Drowned Zombies, as live Around the Water aswell as in The Water Techical a ( Zombie Crokodile) Let's Be able to Find Worms While Digging | Add Fishing - Would Be nice to have Fishing - Special with the Drowned Zombies Add Some More Ways to Gather Dukes, Atm Quests/looting And Selling is the Only Legit Way, Maybe Add Silver/Gold Veins Deeep! Underneath The Ground - as sell for a Couple Dukes Reduce Dogs MovementSpeed a tiny Bit unless they inrage - Read Below Change The Way Game Stage Evolves (Lvl * 2) If you Spend all of your Talent Points in Building Specs, Such as miner 69 and so on, And not Combat, You Are Going to have a Hard Time! Sure you Might Be safe At your Base But When you Start Scavange, you are Litterly Doomed Bring Back some old Aspects of game, such as you Have Skills you can lvl up by Doing Specefic things, Such as mining Maybe Mix Lvls And Talents / Books - It Makes no sense you only learn from a book/Talent Tree but not by doing the actually action Make Holes - Digged,BlownUp by Dynamite and so on, Restore Every 14 Days - If Nobody is Around/No Objects placed Inside Add a Elite Mode - 1 life Only Increase Exp For lvl Earlie Game, And Slighty Reduce Late Game lvls Nerf Traders Goodies, First 14/20 Days - And let his Goodies Increase Slowly as game process Reduce General Chances of Find A fully Working AK/Machine Gun and so on, Replace it with Weapon Parts Instead Let's be able to Thame a Pet - TO Alarm You When hostiles Around - Maybe Even Carrie Items for you
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