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  1. [PC Server] {7 Days to Die} Imperial Gaming presents Dead of Night Roleplay - Season 2 LAUNCHED 01/24 - [RP PVPVE][100%loot/Drop All/30 day Blood Moon/Whitelist Only][Random Gen 6k Map] Come join us for the second season of a new kind of 7 Days to Die server! Intense role-playing PVE and Limited PVP with a community twist! With active EU and NA admins/discord moderators, mayor representatives and a community system, the RP possibilities are nearly endless. Don’t miss your chance to join the rest of our community on one of the most promising 7D2D servers! Our staff is a core group of individuals with tremendous amounts of RP and 7D2D experience. Will the region fall to groups of criminals and bandits? Will you band together with other players to establish a colony or choose to be a lone wolf? Just what will the economy look like? Answer these questions, and so many more, as the season unfolds! --- We're a new server that encourages our members to submit feedback and ideas/suggestions for ways that we can make your playing experience more enjoyable! Please note, we are not a strict play to win PvE or PvP server. We are an RP server, first and foremost. Creativity is a must. Our concept is to experience what it would be like to survive a zombie apocalypse. What would you do, how would you make it one day at a time? --- Discord: https://discord.gg/QsUmxzR --- Website: http://imperial-gaming.net --- Mods: Simple UI Modlets FarmLife2Mod HDHQ Biome Overhaul SittableFurniture Valmars Animal Snares Valmars Expanded Traps Valmars Starter Class System Valmars Working Ovens and Sinks Dr’s Pickup Interior Items --- Server Settings: Whitelist only. Character application required. Game World: Randomly Generated with Nitrogen Size: 6K Game Difficulty: Normal Block Damage Player: 100% Block Damage AI: 100% Block Damage Blood moon AI: 100% XP Multiplier: 100 Player Safe Zone Level: 5 Player Safe Zone Hours: 5 Day Night Length: 60 mins Day Light Length: 18.00 Drop of Death: Everything Drop on Quit: Nothing Max Spawned Zombies: 80 Max Spawned Animals: 80 Server Allowed View Distance: 8 Zombie Move Speed (day): Walk Zombie Move Speed (Night): Sprint Zombie Feral Move Speed: Sprint Bloodmoon Zombie speed: Sprint Bloodmoon Frequency: 20 days Bloodmoon Range: 10 days Bloodmoon Warning: -1 Bloodmoon Enemy Count: 32 Loot Abundance: 100 Loot Respawn Days: 30 Air Drop Frequency: 72 Air Drop Marker: No Party shared EXP Range: 100 Player Killing Mode: Kill Everyone Land Claim Count: 0 Land Claim Size: 0 Land Claim Dead Zone: 0 Land Claim Expiry Time: 7 days Land Claim Decay Mode: Linear Land Claim Online Durability Modifier: 0 Land Claim Offline Durability Modifier: 0
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