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    I currently develop software for Microsoft (4 years), previously worked for Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services (4 years), and worked as a Computer Systems Administrator for a public library system (13 years), and owned and operated a computer store and Internet service provider (ISP) over a 10 year period.
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  1. Thanks for replies.. I play on AfterLife Vikings and getting a "suppressor" .. is no biggie but for some reason the couple private games I've been playing with the wife is being rather dreadful. I'll post back if I ever find one. There's a few crack a books that I haven't hit up yet.. I'll make a point to go by there soon.
  2. My wife recently started playing 7d2d with me and she is starting to believe that I lied about being able to get a silencer. We are playing Alpha 19.1 stable. We started a pregen03 map, both reached over level 100, which means we are pretty much all level 6 gear, mostly military, a large selection of level 6 weapons and mods, a nice base, multiple vehicles. Although I can see that the silencer is still in the list of schematics, I've yet to find the schematic or even a trader willing to sell a silencer. I regularly visited 7 different traders.. so I'm a bit annoyed not to find a silencer. So, we started a new game recently using pregen01 and we are both up to around level 60 and I'm seeing the same pattern. We have most of the items including augers, motorcycles, armor and weapons but no sign of a silencer. I've now visited at least 7 different traders as well. Thoughts? Walkingdog
  3. I had a 2x2 block area in the middle of a field where I build a fort. At first it was just 1 block but after I broke all the blocks around it I could no longer replace blocks that were there before. I finally had an inspiration and grab the paint brush and painted the blocks and magically they were updated and I was able to replace them.
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