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    Recurve Bow

    This mod adds a recurve bow to 7 Days to Die. There is a schematic that can be looted to learn the recipe to create the bow. It has also been added to the loot table along side the compound bow. This is my first attempt at adding a weapon to the game. Credit tediuminteractive for the 3d model. Download Links nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/748 https://github.com/dorbson/Recurve-Bow
  2. Khaine, any idea how the animation controller would look for bows? I know it needs a hold, draw, draw idle, fire, fire cancel, and reload animations. I'm pretty sure I know the transitions, but I'm not certain how to trigger each animation within the items.xml file.
  3. So would something like this work to start the draw animation? <triggered_effect trigger="onWeaponPreFireStart" action="AnimatorSetBool" target="self" property="CompoundBowDraw" value="true"/> <triggered_effect trigger="onWeaponPreFireEnd" action="AnimatorSetBool" target="self" property="CompoundBowDraw" value="false"/>
  4. Is there a list somewhere of all the effect triggers available?
  5. Has anyone figured out how to animate a new bow and add it to the game? I got close after working on it for 3 days but ultimately I have given up. I couldn't get the animations to trigger in the game. I am not sure what triggered_effect trigger= settings to use for drawing the bow back and then firing. I'm a total newb and was just trying to figure things out on my own, hopefully someone knows an easy way to do it.
  6. I would like to use a Unity compound bow model in the game. From what I have seen on youtube, the best way to import new models into the game is to overlay them over the meshes exported from the assets file using UABE or Unity Asset Studio, but when I import the assets I cannot find any of the bow meshes. Same goes for spears and guns outside of the pump shotgun. I cannot find any other meshes. Does anyone have any advice?
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