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  1. I didnt find any compresser until grease monkey 4 lucky looter 5, wearing lucky looter goggles got them in pass n gas crate,working stiff crate and looted some cars hope this helps.
  2. yea i have your supply case mod also and they spawned like there suppose to.well ive got plenty of loot now looking for them lol.i did start a new game they wasnt om my toolbelt but i have war3zuk mod also and im guessing his starter class probaly canceled it out thats ok now i know why i wasnt findind them.lmao ...that would be a cool mod tho replace the backpacks with better loot tho hint hint....lol
  3. still havent found any of the three special force bags i have found over a couple hundred bags but none of them i looked in files didint see were you could adjust the probability anywhere.i can get them in creative mode but thats no fun.antway thanks for all you do its much appriectated
  4. cant get link to download great idea something different.
  5. on the special force cases mod do they spawn in the world or find them in loot been playing for awhile now haven't seen any of them.
  6. just wondering i put them back in your latest update just for personal use i did notice the file size,so i deleted the guppy soldiers all of guppy zombies are great just wasnt a fan of those
  7. did you leave out the guppy stripper an german soldier intentionally.
  8. always looking fwd to new zombies love your work my friend.
  9. no issues XYTH the mode works great in the zombie pack only issue in the animal pack is i never see the birds im about 100 hours in a new play through havent seen nothing flying.
  10. LOVE THE MOD great job thanks
  11. i have a question are they a mod that spawns all zombies anywhere anytime rather than just having territial zombies
  12. tease lmao looking fwd to the mod great job my friend
  13. your releasing it today was waiting on this to be ready to start a new play through awesome cant wait
  14. just wondering whats the creature pack effects for is it needed for zombie pack and animals
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