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  1. Just what I've been looking for!! Thanks heaps Mala.
  2. These modlets look very interesting. Downloading now, Thanks Riles!!
  3. Thanks for letting me know Stallionsden. I'll try playing around with settings. Compo pack is great fun, looks like I might just have to deal with it.
  4. Just wondering if someone can give some advice. I've been having quite a bit of stutter/lag when going through cities with a177 +CP44. Then it goes back to 60fps. Generator settings: 8k map All default options (apart from new prefab list.txt) I have increased windows page file etc. Pc specs: I5 6600k 2060s 24gb 2400mhz ram Latest win10 update (build 2004?) Just wondering if it's vanilla 7d2d, or something else that's not right. Also, there's some funky RWG generation, big ravines, bumpy hills etc... I can uploa
  5. There's a bit of an overlap with the toolbar and the inventory with the 90slot backpack food & water modlet. It's not that big of a deal just wanted to show you Khaine.
  6. Do all your modlets work for B173? just noticed on your github that they were updated 25~ days ago... Great mods by BTW. Cheers.
  7. First time checking out your work Mumpfy, all I can say is wow! Take your time, it doesn't look easy.
  8. No issues here using the traders always open modlet. Maybe quick reinstall it?
  9. I've got the same issue as SkitzTGPG regarding the forge. Sometimes it lets you take stuff out, sometimes not. I've found getting out/in of inventory fixes it temporarily. Plain A19 install, just using some of your modlets.
  10. Sorry for the noob question but, where can i find the links for the darkness falls maps?
  11. Hey stallionsden, awesome mods btw! Can you check that the everything is sellable mod is working on A18.3. I am using it but can't seem to tell what has changed, unless i am missing what items it changed. Cheers!
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