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  1. files sent via discord.
  2. Yeah it a new world. We already played 2 new world when the new comp 45 went out but both having the same error. Then I saw you guys released a hotfix and made a new one again, I tried restarting the server and it looked fine so I ask my friends to join and play again. After 3hrs or so I told them I will try restarting again to check and true enough the error is there again.
  3. sad, I already generated a world map from nitrogen using the hotfix but I still get null reference error on server restart.
  4. I had this problem before on my dedicated server. This is a server side error. As others already told you, server must have all CompoPack Files (very important) before uploading/running your generated world or else it will fail for everyone unless you create a world again.
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