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  1. Good idea. You can also try verifying the integrity of your 7 Days To Die game files in your Steam Library.
  2. Wait, "7x sfx program"? Don't use that. Go into Start and search for Device Manager, find your GPU card, right click and choose Uninstall. Then restart your PC and reinstall the drivers from scratch. The steps might be different between Win7 and Win10 so google it if you don't know how to find the Device Manager. If that does not work, since the only game you seem to be having FPS issues with is 7 Days To Die, try this: Backup your world save. Go into your Steam library, right click on 7 Days To Die, choose Properties, go to the Local Files tab, choose "Verify integrity of game files". If nothing works, you can try posting the game log here. Also tell us what Windows version you are using.
  3. I mean... what does that mean? Do you have 1 fps? Press F8 ingame and tell us what FPS you get. Anyways, so you uninstalled and reinstalled the GPU drivers and they did not make any difference? Did you completely remove the GPU from Device Manager on your computer, download the new drivers again (they might be corrupted) and re-install the driver from scratch? If nothing works, you need to run more tests to track down the problem. Do you experience slow performance in other games? What about watching videos on Youtube? If so, maybe it is not 7 Days To Die that is the problem, maybe you just have a faulty GPU card? Test more games, try doing GPU benchmarking tools like erlgrey said. If everything is slow, you have a faulty card.
  4. No, that does not show the item attributes. Are you playing A18.3? When I click the book icon it only shows the general description for an item, like for Sham Chowder it says: "Sham Chowder increases your Fortitude and grows chest hair!". I am not looking for the description, I would like to see how much Max Stamina and Health it restores, and the only way to do that seems to be to first craft the item, then look at it in the inventory. Again, am I missing something obvious?
  5. There is one thing I feel I am missing in 7 Days To Die. When I look at crafting recipies for various items, I only see the material requirements for crafting that item, I do not see the item attributes. For example I would like to see which craftable food is the best, but in the Campfire crafting menu it only shows what you need to craft that food, I cannot see how much Max Stamina or Health they restore. Am I missing something obvious in the crafting menu? Do I need to craft the item in order to see its attributes? If so, is there a mod which adds the item attributes to the crafting menu? Does everyone else just use the wiki?
  6. Thanks again. While I was playing today I actually unlocked the achievement "The Funeral Director" (kill 2500 zombies) on Steam, and I have a modlet which adds the hunger and water meters to the UI, so maybe it only disables achievements in certain circumstances.
  7. Thank you for the reply, it answered all of my questions. Editing the base XML's also counts as cheating/exploits, right?
  8. Hi. I have read that entering debug mode or loading mods will disable Steam achievements. I have several questions regarding the use of mods: Do modlets count as mods? I use a modlet which adds the hunger and thirst meters to the UI. Does that disable achievements? If modlets do disable them, will I get them back if I remove the modlets? Can I look somewhere and see whether achievements have been disabled or not? (Is there a console command?)
  9. I am new to 7D2D and I like it a lot. My friend got me to buy it during the holidays, and at first I thought it would be a standard and shallow zombie survival game, but it turned out to be incredibly deep and fun to play. Then I learned that it has been 6 years in the making, and with regards to mechanics, I think it is already a million times better than DayZ Standalone which has been in development for just as long. 7D2D gives me that same excitement I got when I first started playing Minecraft and I love being immersed into it and learning about the mechanics, crafting, looting and trying to survive (I still die often). I have heard other people say that newcomers are spoiled because they get to start on A18, and I can only agree because I am having a fun time with the game so far.
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