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  1. I agree with the combat music being over the top, especially during horde night. I feel strongly that ambience and good sound design does much better than just music. I think the sound track should just be ambience, nothing that alerts you that you're being swarmed or things of that nature. The trader music is also a bit annoying. Might be better if it were more faded in the background or had like a radio filter effect on it or even if it was more of a stinger - played for a brief moment and then faded out. Otherwise is just feels obnoxious when it starts playing and stays. Agree with this regarding the loot - it's what I was trying to explain earlier. The looting experience is dulled down to knowing what you're going to get for the most part. Finding a unique POI such as a military base or a specific factory isn't exciting, unless you decide to just save it for later because the game stage system forces you to, not because you know it might be dangerous to go in. Fun Pimps needs to work on a Risk vs. Reward system for loot. I realize that it may be difficult to create a challenging POI when we can just cheese through it potentially by towering our way to the main loot and just busting through some blocks, but that's the hard part of being a developer I think. Maybe add a stability system that prevents you from just stacking unupgraded blocks too high (I actually think this would be a good idea), surround important loot with high HP level blocks, etc. I still prefer the previous loot system to this current one.
  2. Fair enough. I still think there is a better way to approach the loot, but hopefully it'll be refined with time, I understand this is still alpha and this game is already super fun and addicting. Cheers
  3. I honestly think the new loot system is terrible. I'm trying to think from the perspective of a realistic and fun approach to how looting would look like in this post-apocalyptic world. It's pretty lame finding a military style ammunition crate that only gives you some @%$*#!ty spears or low level trash because you're only on game stage 5. This is immersion breaking in my opinion. I've noticed looting is almost linear and not random at all, you know what to expect, and it almost makes looting pointless because I'd rather save important crates or chests for looting in a different game stage because I'll just get another 5 spears. Of course you can still get useful materials such as duct tape, oil, etc. But in terms of getting weapons, tools, and items with levels, it's poorly thought out and doesn't have that randomness and excitement to it anymore. I know this would be complicated, but I think there needs to be a more realistic approach, for example looting regular homes should give you loot that you would realistically find in a home, so basic stuff with a small chance for weapons. The challenge to make it through a home POI should be easy since it's a place that maybe doesn't have a high yield. But if you decide to go to a military base, then you should expect a challenge and be rewarded no matter what stage. I know this sort of system would also have its issues due to players cheesing zombies or whatever at low levels and then getting epic gear, but I still think some sort of realistic and intuition based approach should be used, and not this game stage based looting. I do not like this new loot system, and prefer the previous style despite its flaws as well, but at least it still felt random and there was that feeling of excitement and not knowing what you were going to get. There is no excitement or mystery in this new system. Sorry, not a very well thought through explanation, but I genuinely do not think this game stage looting is the proper approach. I feel like there should be that tiny chance of finding maybe a higher quality weapon during the early stages, but it should be impractical to use it in the early stages of the game.
  4. One of the youtubers just released a vid testing it, seems that having two up at once is really nice, but just one is pretty lackluster. You need to be pretty much maxed out on all the skills and have all the books read for it to be viable. We'll see though, needs to be tested obviously.
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