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  1. I know they are able to handle it But MOD said THEY ARE NOT. Problem begins after A19 Stable release, 2 years this problem was not over here for our servers
  2. 1. Server is running with accepted 128GB RAM, not 12GB as u said before 2. Stop giving fake info to players, Unity Engine is not working like this and you have probably very bad info as a moderator 3. Doesnt matter how many players is online, this problem is same for 6 players online, same for 20 and same for 35 4. As i said before, after 15.5GB RAM usage, server start kicking players, same problem on Linux and Windows About 8 players allowed, i dont know what to do, if i can cry or laugh.. A19 Stable, year 2020 and you doing multiplayer game for 8 players, that is pretty sad
  3. No IP kick. When is server using more like 16GB RAM he will start kicking players from server without any reason and then server need to restart because it is not going to fix As i mentioned in edit, we are already running server with 128GB RAM, problem still here
  4. EDIT: We installed actually 128GB RAM to our server but game is kicking players after 15GB of usage, from my view this looks like game can not use more like 16GB of RAM by server
  5. Hello everyone. I dont know how to describe better my question so i will try my best.... What is the best server spec (RAM,CPU) for 7D server by slots ? We have a 40 slot server and he keep kicking players by server after there is more like 16GB of RAM usage (35 players online). So my question is, what RAM i have to install to my server ? 32GB ? 64GB ? 128GB and keep server running fine. I know there is recommended max 8 slot per server but you know, our server is most played in Slovakia and Czech Republic over 2 years, nonstop full so we are trying to solve this problem. Thank you for answer, have a nice day everyone :)
  6. Restarts are set once every 8 hours. The server has 30 slots. 25 slots for players, 2 VIP slots and 3 slots for Admin + owner. In addition, there was no problem with accidental fall. So actually the solution to this problem is to switch to Windows? Because it was true that when we had a server on Windows, such a problem did not occur BTW: We do not want to reduce the number of slots because there are 30/30 + 10 more players waiting to join every day
  7. I understand. So it's a game bug and it's working to fix it but it's not paying much attention, do I understand it right? Thank you anyway
  8. Thank you for reply! Anyway very helpful information!
  9. Hello everyone. I am the admin for "WHEELCHAIR MAFIA PVE" servers. It is the best known and most played server for the Czech and Slovak community, for more than a month we have been ranked first in the ranking according to Google ratings. There was a problem we couldn't solve, as did the hosting provider. The server crashes accidentally without any activity that should interfere with server stability. The error that occurs every time a server crashes is: mmap (PROT_NONE) failed Receiving unhandled NULL exception # 0 0x007fa607243029 in (Unknown) # 1 0x007fa604bbeb3a in Unknown # 2 0x007fa604bbeba7 in Unknown # 3 0x007fa604bc1a9d in Unknown # 3 0x007fa604bc1d06 in (Unknown) # 5 0x007fa604bc2dd8 in Unknown # 6 0x007fa604bc5eac in Unknown # 8 0x007fa604bc6086 in (Unknown) # 8 0x007fa604b9922a in Unknown # 9 0x007fa604b4f76d in Unknown # 10 0x007fa604b4f7d4 in Unknown # 11 0x00000041b4761f In (wrapper managed-to-native) object: __ icall_wrapper_ves_icall_array_new_specific ./Start7DaysToDieServer: line 3: 23509 Aborted (Core Dumped) ./7DaysToDieServer.x86_64 $ @ For me, this problem looks like a memory problem, but unfortunately, we couldn't solve it. Is there anyone who can provide better information about this error or write a solution? As I wrote above, we own a server that is "the best" for the community of our countries, so questions about whether a server runs on a device that is powerful enough are useless. well thank you PS: If this post is in a place where it should not, I apologize and I'm not angry if the moderator moves it to the right place. Thank you again for any help! Sincerely, Denis Vavra (-fNx- WM)
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