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  1. Exactly. I know when someone talks about animal that can possibly be ridden alot of companies freak out because they automatically assume people will want to be able to ride them. But I am honestly not suggesting that and I know that would be hard to implement. But to me it seems like an old western town should have horses or the such around. I think it would make the old western town districts like they were talking about even more cooler to go check out. Whats the old west without horses lmao
  2. I think the idea of infestation or defending the trader quests are awesome. Redoing a bunch of quest and adding more are a great idea... Also I watched the recent video... will yall be adding more animals? I know they talked about redoing them and that is great but I would so love a horse inside of old west towns. I think that would be legit. And I know yall are taking some zombies out and overhauling the others but can we get a fireman zombie. We have police zombies but we also have fire stations. And with the way the world is in 7dtodie it think the fireman would be p
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