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  1. On Server Side(Nitrado) i put First "UnnecessarybutBeautiful into 7daystodie/mods/ with its 3 subfolders and ModInfo.xml file Second: i put the 6 files from HNMODERNHOUSE into prefab folder(7daystodie/data/prefabs) Does not work so far... i have zero problems when playing local on my own pc as a server.
  2. Thanks for the hint, but i already did that.
  3. First of all, thank you for this amazing mod! I had problems with adding this prefab to my current map. First i tried to add a new line in the prefabs file and used the coordinates my avatar was ingame, but it stayed empty. Second i tried to replace other prefabs with yours ("HN....") nad it didnt work as well... Third i tried to add it in the "Editor" ingame, which was very hard for me even with a youtube tutorial. i placed it but there where a lot of "?" Blocks with block info missing or some message like that...
  4. Hello everyone! i tried to install this mod first my Nitrado Server. But I had no Problems with setting up this mod as a local Server(my PC) First i tried to connect with Game Launcher (prolly wrong game Version ?? ( i think it was 6.2.1 or so, but Server files were 6.2.4 ) i thought game mod launcher is always up to date or text in launcher is wrong... Second i tried it with manual install with FileZilla... i get an error on console like: ...prefab missing block ... some item from Mods / RavenhearstIcons / UIAtlases / ItemIconAtlas, ... but i checked client and Server item and both were the same... Question: When i "add" Ravenhearst Server Files: Do i have to Replace the folders OR add /replace the new files in the folders for example in the folder 7DaysToDieServer_Data/Managed there are 95 files and in the mod only 4 files. I did just replaced the 4 and let the rest of the files in it, was that correct?
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