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  1. Ok let me start off by saying I normally don't do anything but read the forums so I ended up having to make an account to make my voice/opinion heard. Let me start off by saying that, I bought this game and play it solo. For those of you who will come at me with the (Get some friends to play with you) I say this, i SHOULDN'T have to beg people to come play this with me just to survive easier. I want to play it solo and have fun on my own. It's how I have always been. Moving on... So I am the type that will watch YouTube videos on base builds and defense strats against the zombie hordes. I have been playing for about 3 years now off and on and through that time I have had to sit through many nerfs and exploit fixes. The exploit fixes im fine with but changing a mechanic you put in the game just because it was working in the players is kind of a d!@k move. I mean if you didn;t want it to work in the first place why even make it an option? I won't sit here and list all the ones im referring to so I can avoid the keyboard warriors that come to the defense of TFP. Anyhow I came back to playing the new Alpha 18 and was loving the new things. So much to play with now. So I built the normal way I build I made a pillbox base upgraded to reinforced concrete. I would have done steel but on day 42 and playing solo I found having to juggle looting, farming, building and all tied up all my time and was not able to farm enough to make the steel needed to upgrade it all past concrete. I put iron spikes all the way around it with a spotting tower on the top of it if I chose to shot from above. I was having a blast. The zombies were fighting back and made me have to use a few med kits to counter their damage....buzzards were swooping in and infecting me causing me to have to use antibiotics to counter infection.THEN OUT OF NOWHERE!! comes this ♥♥♥♥ing hulking behemoth that put a giant hole in the side of the base in one explosion. I was railing him with bullets from my AK but nothing slowed him down. I heard about this zombie but didn't know how utterly destructive they truly were. I am now going to get to my point. This zombie seems like a direct counter to base defense. I mean this zombie is ridiculous..... whoever thought of putting packs of C4 on that thing and turning him into a Sherman tank needs to rethink their position regarding their love for the 7DTD community. This zombie makes defending from a base pointless now. From what I have read they get even worse as the 7 days hordes go by so ....... WTF? Why was this zombie made a thing? Couldn't it have done a little less damage?!?!?! It took me days of playing and famring to build that frickin base just to have the retarded zombie walk up and detonate through it all. IT EVEN KILLED ME IN ONE SHOT!!! The horde then proceeded to my loot base to rinse that as well because I spawned at my loot base because the bag at the horde bas got blown the F@#K UP!! Why every time were having fun defending from horde after horde and find a way to be successful TFP come along and say ( well sorry about your luck but that's not gonna work anymore!! ) I am slowly finding my love for this game slip away these days. Sure players used stuff the devs didn't intend ( not talking about exploits) I am glad they got fixed. I am talking about ways players used to trick the dumb zombies into killing themselves. Zombies brains are dead. They are not meant to be smart. Unless these are some kind of hybrid and genetically enhanced bull♥♥♥♥ from the future... Like how would a zombie even end up with a bomb strapped to their chest?!?! Like im so confused at this point...I guess back to the drawing board and looking up YT videos on how to deal with demolishers, but this time I wont expect the base design to work for long before they add something else to steam roll out defenses.... Its like they enjoy making people hate their game. I'm done with this rant. To you white knights that are going to come here to defend the devs and think I will give your post the time of day.....don't bother. I don't care nor will I waist time responding or reading your comments. I want to hear from the devs about why they thought this zombie was a good idea. OR! better yet why the hell it can blow up reinforced concrete in one explosion.....that damage is stupid.... Do you not want us defending bases or something?!?! Any explanation at all would be great.
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