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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, after many hours of meticulous planning I have devised plans for the mother of all 7 days to die mods. Imagine if you will a mod that not only combines the dark moody atmosphere (and enemies and future tech) of darkness falls, the high speed arcade action, class system, and gunplay (and enemies) of BorderlandZ, and the magic power and fantasy enemies of the medieval and sorcery mods along with some original ideas such as .A main questline with and end goal .multiple side quests to get from traders and demonic altars .original enemies based of creepypastas, Trevor Hendersons artwork, and fantasy works .a plot .the ability to create instant structures and bases or have minions build them. .the ability for the character to create demonic altars to lovecraftian/demonic gods in exchange for power and demonic slaves and minions .3 classes: The Hell Knight (a demonic warrior with a magic sword who can temporarily have infinite ammo and extra damage), The Assassin (a stealthy rouge with a magic dagger who can temporarily turn invisible), and The Cultist (a demonic necromancer who can temporarily cast magic for free and give his minions invincibility for 1 minute). .The ability to take over Astaroth's evil kingdom at the end of the main quest line while still needing to survive the blood moon hordes. .Hornets are brought back! .new dark POIs and (possibly) POIs from other mods .a GIGANTIC premade (hopefully) map with five biomes: Desert, Snow, Forest, Wasteland, and an evil forest in the middle of the map. .multiple cities .5 castles, 1 per biome and 1 boss per castle .4 bosses with 4 keys to kill before the indestructible castle at the center can be entered. There you will fight Astaroth and claim his throne for yourself once you defeat him. Story: The demon lord Astaroth has invaded earth by causing a zombie apocalypse. In what used to be the western United States he has established his evil kingdom. The player character is a sinner from the middle ages (they were either a knight, an assassin, or a wizard in life depending on which class the player chooses) who escaped from hell during the apocalypse seeking revenge for cheating them in a demonic deal. The player decides to use their new hellish powers and deals with lovecraftian entities to try and kill Astaroth and claim his kingdom for themselves. To do this they must travel to 4 castles and kill Astaroth's Generals and take their keys to Astaroths dark castle. The Problem is i'm only a concept desinger. i know nothing about coding, moddeling, or messing with files. Interested in lending a helping hand friend?
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