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  1. I got my triples for sim racing, but the first time I played Payday with them and was able to hack a keypad in front of me and at the same time watch for guards in the hallways to the left and right of me with my peripheral, I was sold on them for shooters. Better than VR even for my money. WIll probably invest in one of these ultrawides in the nearish future.
  2. I'm aware. That's only in vehicles...not while walking.
  3. Not if I'd like to be able to grab my mouse in order to steer around a stump if need be. All my left hand is doing is pressing W.
  4. Mine is the lack of an 'auto-walk' (also 'cruise control' for vehicles) feature as is common in a lot of other games I play. It's nice to be able to take my left hand off the keyboard and have a drink or something when all I'm doing is walking/cycling/driving in a straight line in game. In a game where hours long game sessions are the norm it's also unhealthy.
  5. I've said before, and will say again...Crawlers should be able to 'rage' or have a burst of speed...that'd be creepy AF
  6. Nice. I run triples (mostly for my racing sim) but the bevels are a bit of a nuisance. With an FOV adjustment, this would be ideal for regular games...and waay better for the sim. I may have to go shopping
  7. I always thought the current screamer was kind of hot. Unsure about the change. Bah...who's kiddin'...I'd still hit that... ...with a steel club...
  8. There's a host of reasons people may want an aim assist. Perhaps poor eyesight or some form of disability. Maybe someone broke their hand and aim assist would let them keep playing while it heals. I'm pretty sure justifying a reason to you isn't high on anyone's priority list, but try to open your mind a bit.
  9. I remember finding this in A17 or 18 but I was sure I read they fixed it. Can't find it in release notes though...
  10. Ezed

    Older players?

    Yes, but we say sorry every time. To be fair, we have some fairly decent snipers over here, and we don't mind 'droppin' the gloves' I think it's kind of rude spam your ad in all these threads, but that huge white box is downright hostile.
  11. Ezed

    Older players?

    52 I've played a bit, but not in a while and have been thinking of getting back in. What timezone you in? I'm EST (Canada).
  12. Don't have too many screenshots but this worked good for me. Hope you can make out the principle. Rather than building up, I dig down...keeps the zombies always at ground level so even if I miss, there's a good chance I'm hitting something behind. Outer walls prevent cops from spitting until they appear in the doorway, and my sights. Ditches around all the walls prevent zombies from beating on them and instead they path to the doorways, and into my sights. Inside. each of the four sides are the same...catwalks leading to the cage with hatches to control which way they come at me. Has sustained (once upgraded to steel) 3 demo's exploding (my bad and also the penetrator perk ) at which time I closed that route and opened another one. Electric fence wire runs vertical to freeze them next to the bars for easy headshots. If they fall off, blades gives them a chop before they climb the hill to come back at me. Other than the 4 blades and 4 electric fences, I have a couple junk turrets on the roof for Vulture defense. No spikes or anything...too much maintenance which is minimal anyway as it takes very little damage unless I mess up and trip a demo.
  13. Maybe. Other than editing vehicle speeds , I couldn't be arsed with modding the game at this point. A recipe seems easy enough, 1 paper, 1 plastic, 1 can or a handful of broken glass. I'm not going to lose any sleep over it, but I'd find it a handy device in the first week or so to let me know there's something creeping around outside my wooden door.
  14. Thanks...I thought so but wasn't 100% sure I was remembering correctly.
  15. Heh...ya...but a shotgun vs a safe is probably going to leave your face like American drywall... I think the point is the block damage is a abit over the top, making the shotties less viable overall...and that's a shame. Shotguns are my favourite in most shooter games but not in 7D. Maybe if all that block damage was reserved for a special ammo type and the default shells not do the damage of a howitzer
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