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  1. Heh...ya...but a shotgun vs a safe is probably going to leave your face like American drywall... I think the point is the block damage is a abit over the top, making the shotties less viable overall...and that's a shame. Shotguns are my favourite in most shooter games but not in 7D. Maybe if all that block damage was reserved for a special ammo type and the default shells not do the damage of a howitzer
  2. I'd give the stone axe melee stats like a club, digging stats like a shovel and call it the starter multi-tool. Keep the primitive bow so those two tutorial items stay, but don't appear in loot tables. Then, just have 3 tiers (or 4 or whatever they want) of actual commercial type weapons for each tree that you can buy or loot or eventually craft.
  3. Might just as well. They both kind of feel like 'filler' perks...all filler no killer
  4. I've had that happen but they always 'came back'. I don't have any solid guaranteed solution, but try hopping on your mini-bike and taking a drive, a fair distance away (like 1 km or so) and do a re-log. I might just reappear when you log back in and arrive back home. For me, I saw it falling from the sky as I approached my base Another time my motorcycle had sunk into the ground...or rather floor, as I had parked it inside my base. I didn't notice at first but I could just see the curvature of a wheel sticking up and was able to interact with it. If nothing else works, you could enable cheat mode for a minute and gift yourself one from the creative menu.
  5. Sounds sorta similar to my go-to A19 horde base. It's worked very well in all of my worlds so far with one exception. In all but that one world I made the foundation completely solid, the exception being the time I built over my mine. I had a ladder going down though the foundation and it failed when the zombies broke through the foundation, climbed up the ladder and got me. I can't say for sure the zombies 'detected' the ladder path but it sure seemed like it and after that, I went back to the solid foundation.
  6. I'd be reading that Drum mod schematic...you can get them from the trader but they're fairly rare in my experience...and since they fit onto a lot of the weapons (pretty sure TAR's, M60's, AK's, Auto Shotties and Junk Turrets, (maybe even the SMG)) being able to craft them would be invaluable. But, that's me...depends on your preferred weapons and how many you'd need. The steel tools too. They're only worth what 160 Dukes? Not that profitable for the inventory slot they take up. Plus you get a little XP (100 I think) every time you read them.
  7. I've read that, I even tried it for a game in experimental but it wasn't for me. The recursor mod or whatever it's called for the stun baton is kinda cool I do admit, but I can send zombies flying with my club almost as far...and far more regularly than the stunner. Now if the schematics etc were more rare, as they used to be, INT would probably become more viable to me, but since I loot a lot, finding those have never been a problem. Sometimes they can take a bit longer than I'd like but I can get by without them until I find them. Skill points in my offensive capabilities are more important to me. By the time I really need a lot of steel or electric fences etc, I've usually acquired them by other means. Agree about the block damage on the shotties...I hate it. I usually gravitate towards shotguns in other games and it really sucks they aren't as user friendly in 7D but it is what it is. Gotta play with the hand that's dealt me. I forgot...on the movement penalty thing. Can't say I've ever had a big dilemma regarding which armour mods to equip, but I have started to allow a couple or three slots of encumbrance in favor of one armour slot. The movement penalty with 2 or 3encumrance points is pretty much negligible and having the icon pop up on the HUD is a handy way to tell me I'm about full and it's time to manage my inventory.
  8. I absolutely love this line and and unashamedly ripping it off...and if you don't like that, you can find another house to bark at
  9. Is it arguing to discuss different approaches? So be it. With my approach, solar banks are not worth all the points I'd have to put into INT and Better Barter, nevermind the cost in Dukes for bank itself plus the cells, when you can fuel a generator for weeks on the gas you scavenge from a handful of cars. Factor in a battery bank or two that's charged by a generator and solar banks are of no use to me whatsoever. Oh...and I can loot the exact same amount as you can. I may move slower until I get to my bike and from the bike to the trader, but that's not a big deal to me. Once I get my armour and pocket mods the moving slower penalty is removed. I don't use shotties indoors...but since I'm looting all these shells, I use them (and 9mm) up as much as possible during the week, saving my 44 and 7.62 for horde nights. I do accept your opinion about electrocutioner being suboptimal...as I mention, the entire INT tree could go away and I wouldn't even notice! I do lose out on the traps and crafting bonuses, but all things considered (I mostly only use electric fences anyway) those are acceptable losses.
  10. Thanks, but again...different playstyles. I carry medicated bandages and painkillers...and seldom take any serious damage, and when I do get fatigued or break a limb, it can wait until I get home. So, a waste. I am efficient with what I carry and what I pick up and utilize my vehicle storage and occasionally steroids. Encumbrance is not an issue for me. So, a waste. You can equip a bandolier into leg armour. Shotgun is trash? That's OK if you think so. Since I already perk into Strength, I do take advantage of the double dip with the Blunderbuss until I get my preferred weapons. I very seldom perk into anything in the INT tree at all. I can find everything I need in loot or purchase from trader in that tree So...once more before I go, different playstyles. I'm not trying to convince you of anything except maybe players (just like people in the real world) have different priorities. You seem convinced your playstyle is best, and undoubtedly that's true...for YOU...so don't stop believin'
  11. Ezed

    magnum .44

    I think the magnum is one of the oldest assets still in the game. Wouldn't be surprised to it removed now that the Desert Vulture is in...especially given there's 4 items that full under the pistol umbrella...the 9mm pistol, the SMG, Magnum and DV...and with 'scrap weapons coming, I have to think something's going to get axed.
  12. Oh my good Lorde....that's definitely not a sales clerk...
  13. Funny, I don't consider pack mule or healing or barter as strong perks at all. In fact, I never perk into them unless it's in the later game when I have points to waste (even then Pack Mule is a complete waste to me since armour and pocket mods do that job just fine without spending any points that are better used elsewhere). People have different playstyles. Strong (must have) perks IMO are, Living off the Land (1 point), Master Chef (1 point), and Sex Rex since it helps enormously with both melee and mining. Early game I'm all about Attributes...Strength to 6 ASAP (in anticipation of the Cigar to make 7) for the Club and Shotgun/Blunderbuss buffs. After that I start working on Agility for Pistols (9mm early and Desert Vulture for later) and Parkour which has saved my life many times over...you don't need to heal if you don't get swatted. Edit...I guess that was mostly off the topic, but as far as INT goes, there are more weapons to come, I'm sure INT will see some additions when they're ready.
  14. I don't know about the absolute efficiency but I like meat stew and steak and potatoes as day to day food. One takes potatoes and corn the other potatoes and mushrooms so I set up my farm with double potatoes vs the other two. I save all my Sham Chowders for horde night due to it's Fortitude buff. The new uber recipes are very good but kind of expensive to make as far the (somewhat limited) canned food goes so I tend to save them (and their stamina buff) for when mining or other stam heavy activities. Edit...and I forgot about Pumpkin Cheesecake for shopping trips
  15. Well...there's Jen... Anyway, we call the new stripper a stripper or party girl or callgirl...but she could just as easily be a receptionist or hairstylist or store clerk....or your sister Maybe our (myself included) perception does need to change in that regard. Does she have a name? I'd like to know it and will refer to her as such from now on (as soon as I learn it).
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