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  1. Don't have too many screenshots but this worked good for me. Hope you can make out the principle. Rather than building up, I dig down...keeps the zombies always at ground level so even if I miss, there's a good chance I'm hitting something behind. Outer walls prevent cops from spitting until they appear in the doorway, and my sights. Ditches around all the walls prevent zombies from beating on them and instead they path to the doorways, and into my sights. Inside. each of the four sides are the same...catwalks leading to the cage with hatches to control which way they come at me. Has sustained (once upgraded to steel) 3 demo's exploding (my bad and also the penetrator perk ) at which time I closed that route and opened another one. Electric fence wire runs vertical to freeze them next to the bars for easy headshots. If they fall off, blades gives them a chop before they climb the hill to come back at me. Other than the 4 blades and 4 electric fences, I have a couple junk turrets on the roof for Vulture defense. No spikes or anything...too much maintenance which is minimal anyway as it takes very little damage unless I mess up and trip a demo.
  2. Well, killing every zombie with a headshot from a silenced Vulture while they're just standing there not moving is kind of cheese too. I think the Devs want you to have to fight your way through some of the POI areas. You can still stealth a fair bit of POI's right? At least, I know people can without a single point in Hidden Strike or From the Shadows. So employ your stealth tactics when you can, but be ready for a fight when that doesn't work. Variety is the spice of life and gaming. You say forethought...but you're (presumably) entering a building you've never entered before...should there be a little box out front with the buildings blueprints available, with the zombies positions marked? You should be ready for anything....even an ambush...
  3. You're options are... Don't perk into it. Reduce your difficulty GG
  4. I haven't seen any ^-^-^-^-^ in 19 at all, but have in the past so I know what you're referring to. I don't notice/mind what jank there is in roads and terrain so much. Definitely much better in 19 than previous alphas I've played. If I come across a broken road, I remind myself that without roads maintenance, it wouldn't take all that long for them to turn to Schitt with earthquakes, fires, rain/erosion, etc. If there was a bit of grass growing here and there on dirt roads and through cracks in the paved roads/streets/parking lots, I could buy into that even more.
  5. Maybe. Other than editing vehicle speeds , I couldn't be arsed with modding the game at this point. A recipe seems easy enough, 1 paper, 1 plastic, 1 can or a handful of broken glass. I'm not going to lose any sleep over it, but I'd find it a handy device in the first week or so to let me know there's something creeping around outside my wooden door.
  6. Since today's theme is added blocks... I wouldn't mind the ability to craft the noise making trash piles / broken glass we find in POI's as a poor man's 'alarm' for early game.
  7. How cool? Pants and long sleeves cool.
  8. @Liesel Weppen MM mentions a brown iron legendary...so a level 2, tier 2 Legendary item. So, a legendary L2T2 would not be top tier. That's all I was saying.
  9. Thanks for your viewpoint. It's different than mine and that's ok. Sounds more like they could be any Level and any Tier...which leads me to believe they will have some magical buffs making them 'Legendary'...but not necessarily always 'Top Tier'. LOL Where's Roland...all of these comments on Legendary should be moved TO the Dev Diary
  10. Check your journal (J key IIRC). You need to craft a farm plot.
  11. Interesting. Thanks for the tidbits. I was kind of hoping legendary to be a tier above purple with yet another mod slot!! Ya, I luvs my modslots ...but I guess there aren't enough mods to fill that many slots. I was also hoping that only 1 Legendary (per item type) would ever spawn in a world, making it super rare and coveted...and in MP, maybe worth fighting over
  12. Errmm... I was enlightening you to the fact that other people play different ways and providing a scenario as an answer to YOUR question. I guess you missed the part where I said exactly that. Rage on though...
  13. Well, you're forgetting the skill points you have to spend. In the first days of A19 I'm not going to waste a point on Miner 69'r just to craft a L2 stone axe, because I absolutely know I will find a L3 or L4 even, within an hour or two. That mindset does carry over to weapons now as well. Saves me skill points for things that I deem a lot more worthy in the early game, namely attributes which I find are a lot more worthwhile. Eventually, yes I will perk into Miner 69'r and Clubs and Pistols or whatever...but that's mostly for the extra damage those perks do, not so I can craft a slightly better one. Steel tools and Tier 3 weapons are a different story since I tend to be able to make them before they start dropping, and, with weapon parts being somewhat rare, I'd only ever craft a L5 once I've hoarded enough parts. Armour I don't bother to craft at all, and would only perk into it once I find a set of purple (and have points to waste in the later game). It seems crafting (tools, armour and weapons) has been marginalized with the abundance of loot. Still lots of stuff to craft though...mods, etc. so I don't mind. It's they way the game plays now, or at least the way I play it. Other people maybe don't quest and loot as much as I do so they can craft their stuff if they want to perk into them, I don't hold it against them. As for the poll, those extra mod slots on purples are what it's all about. If I could craft them I would, but I don't care if I can craft them or not...as long as I can get my hands on them somehow.
  14. I'm hoping all the vehicles are just placeholder models? Maybe we'll see new, more fleshed out ones once vehicles are more in-focus by the devs. The whole concept/design of these 'plows/catchers' is a bit silly...especially on a motorcycle. Anyone who's ever ridden a motorcycle will tell you, if you see a squirrel, a dog, a muffler, a plastic bag or anything else lying on the road, avoidance is the best policy if you want to make it home on two wheels instead of crutches. Hitting a human, you'd be lucky to make it home at all if at speed. Motorcycles don't have enough mass not to be adversely affected by hitting practically anything larger than a dragonfly. Anyway, eventually Workshop mods will probably address this issue for me so it's not a huge deal...but please give us first person driving perspective!!
  15. Scope and brake. The 9mm pistol already is single fire...but even with the SMG, I can single fire it with my finger most of the time. If I squeeze of two by mistake, it's not a big deal so I'd go for the zoom and recoil reduction.
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