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  1. I will teach you how to install one of the modlets, on Mac OS, in 14 easy steps that take longer to type out than to actually do. Thank you very much, it worked, thanks for ending the suffering of how to install mods on Mac, I saw guides that you had to unpack the game, change I don't know what things, leave the folders, delete, copy and paste an endless number of things that They did not serve me, I was spoiling the game and had to reinstall it, but now thanks to you I can play with mods and have a better time!
  2. Help REV6:7-8 Thank you very much for the information, well I bought the game because I love it I have it very recently and I would like to enter the world of mods and as you well know Mac is very particular for those things when it comes to games. I want to install 2 mods, the LEFT-HUD and https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?127758-Backpack-Buttons-A18!-(Stash-All-Stash-Stack-Stash-Stack-Smart) to have more information on my screen that I think it is necessary to have it in sight and the other one to be able to order more easily my inventory and the chests that I find to be quite useful, but as a priority the LEFT-HUD, apologize for breaking down so long I will go to the point, it would help me so much to get into the world of modlets in "7 days to die", I would appreciate if you would teach me to install mods for the game. Benjamin "Sir.King" Inostroza postscript: sorry for my English so bad but I am occupying the Google translator since my native language is Spanish
  3. Can they be installed on Mac? Hello, first of all congratulations for the work you did, second works in the new version A18? And finally you can install the mod of HUD-LEFT and HUD-COMPASS on MacOs ?, If this is how your mods are installed on Mac?
  4. Hi everybody how are you ? I want to know if you can install this mod on Mac, I am from Mac and I would like to install it, if you can explain to me how the mod is installed, Thank you!
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