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  1. Joining the server is not a problem, but using the shared secure containers, safes, vehicles is as passcode does show up there. I tested that in single player suggested setting actually masks passcode for boxes as i would like, but in multiplayer this has to be added on server side. Sadly this causes server to crash in about 5-10 minutes and I had to remove it.
  2. Originated from mod section, but I think players should have option to allow hiding their door/box/vehicle passcodes on client side. This would be certainly beneficial for streamers. https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?140199-Mod-to-hide-passcode
  3. Does not seem to work for me, edited rootfolder\7 Days To Die\Data\Config\XUi\windows.xml Still shows password when I enter it, could it be that on server side something overwrites it or do I need to clear some cache somewhere? EDIT: Tested and found that playing in public server this setting has to be applied on server side and will be applied to everyone in that server in this case. I think it would be nice if this could be achieved per player on their side by just allowing the masking on client instead of server. Maybe developers can check this?
  4. Hi, Is there any mod that would allow me to show **** instead of 1234 when entering passcodes? I find it a bit complicated to stream the game if i cant mask my passcodes.
  5. I have set it up as a cronjob to restart every night once at the moment. Google how to restart service (if you have it set up as a service) with a cronjob. That's how I did it.
  6. Had the same issue today, he was the last player to disconnect. Looks like this happened right after. Server has 16G RAM and 8vCPU for 24 slots, more than enough left over even on busiest times. 2019-12-28T01:07:56 168786.326 INF Player Genou disconnected after 526.6 minutes 2019-12-28T01:07:57 168787.349 INF Player disconnected: EntityID=6455, PlayerID='76561198067333048', OwnerID='76561198067333048', PlayerName='Genou' 2019-12-28T01:07:57 168787.350 INF [EAC] FreeUser: EntityID=6455, PlayerID='76561198067333048', OwnerID='76561198067333048', PlayerName='Genou' 2019-12-28T01:07:57 168787.350 INF [EAC] Log: [EAC Server] [info] [unregisterClient] Client: 0x24 PlayerGUID: 76561198067333048 2019-12-28T01:07:57 168787.350 INF GMSG: Player 'Genou' left the game 2019-12-28T01:07:57 168787.351 INF Exited thread NCS_Writer_36_0 2019-12-28T01:07:57 168787.351 INF Exited thread NCS_Reader_36_1 2019-12-28T01:07:57 168787.351 INF Exited thread NCS_Writer_36_1 2019-12-28T01:07:57 168787.351 INF NET: LiteNetLib: Client disconnect from: (RemoteConnectionClose) 2019-12-28T01:07:57 168787.351 INF Exited thread NCS_Reader_36_0 2019-12-28T01:07:57 168787.376 INF AIDirector: Scout horde spawn finished (all mobs spawned) 2019-12-28T01:08:05 168795.040 INF Clearing all pools 2019-12-28T01:08:09 168799.463 INF Time: 2801.30m FPS: 20.07 Heap: 2554.1MB Max: 3522.1MB Chunks: 322 CGO: 0 Ply: 0 Zom: 0 Ent: 0 (228) Items: 0 CO: 0 RSS: 4840.8MB Receiving unhandled NULL exception #0 0x007f5d3d691c95 in (Unknown) #1 0x007f5d3b025b3a in (Unknown) #2 0x007f5d3b025ba7 in (Unknown) #3 0x007f5d3b028a9d in (Unknown) #4 0x007f5d3b028e6a in (Unknown) #5 0x007f5d3b02b119 in (Unknown) #6 0x007f5d3b02c6c3 in (Unknown) #7 0x00000040eb8c66 in (wrapper managed-to-native) System.GC:InternalCollect (int) #8 0x00000040ec6670 in GameManager:Update () #9 0x007f5d3ae490ad in (Unknown) #10 0x007f5d3afb499b in (Unknown) #11 0x007f5d3afb5848 in (Unknown) #12 0x0055dbcffe2e54 in (Unknown) #13 0x0055dbcffdeb99 in (Unknown) #14 0x0055dbcffc03cf in (Unknown) #15 0x0055dbcfd5ed9a in (Unknown) #16 0x0055dbcfec69fa in (Unknown) #17 0x0055dbcfec6ab8 in (Unknown) #18 0x0055dbcfec9ec0 in (Unknown) #19 0x0055dbcf7f343f in (Unknown) #20 0x007f5d3d693813 in (Unknown) #21 0x0055dbcf803403 in (Unknown)
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